December 18, 2020

No Fracked Gas in Mass has always been happy to share great ideas and actions from our fellow environmental organizations. Several are seeing this year out with concrete steps you can take to make our state more responsible to cutting our climate impact.


Please sign petition to call for a public process for ISO reforms by Tuesday Dec 22!

From our friends at Community Action Works:

In October, New England States released a vision and a commitment to a public process  to reform our regional grid operator, ISO-NE. In November, we shared with them our request for an expanded public process to inform the development of the States’ vision statement regarding reforming ISO (attached). This week, they released their draft notices of their technical forums.

These proposed public participation hearings are four five-hour-long highly technical forums in January and February.  They are asking for feedback on these proposed agendas by December 22nd. We requested that the process expand beyond just holding five-hour long technical briefings, to also include multiple evening meetings that are accessible to the public and that will have a clear follow-up plan to incorporate feedback from the public.

» Please sign this letter
to ask for more open and accessible public meetings to reform our grid.

Please share this with anyone you know who is concerned about the future of New England’s energy grid.

Take Action Against Eversource’s Pipeline
in Springfield/Longmeadow

From our friends at Climate Action Now:

Sign the petition asking Eversource to abide by their commitments and withdraw support for the construction of their pipeline project from Longmeadow to Springfield.

As Eversource assumes the mantle from Columbia Gas in providing gas utility service to much of Western Massachusetts, we welcome the opportunity to work with Eversource to transition away from fossil fuels and move toward energy conservation and non-combustible clean energy sources, goals proclaimed publicly in the company’s public document, “Commitment to Clean Energy & Carbon Neutrality” by 2030.

In order to meet those goals, the company needs to begin reducing natural gas distribution services provided by NStar and actively pursue non-combustible clean options like electric heat pump technologies and geothermal district heating. Eversource Energy, unlike Columbia, has the distinct ability to transition both its ratepayers and its workers to the clean energy future you have already identified as a corporate priority because it oversees local electricity distribution as well as gas provision. That transition specifically precludes investment in new gas infrastructure like the Longmeadow-Springfield project.

» Take Action by Signing the Petition!

Tell Your Legislators: Cut Energy Waste in Massachusetts

From our friends at Environment MA:

One of the easiest ways to reduce energy and water waste is to set higher efficiency standards for the appliances and plumbing fixtures in our households and businesses. Massachusetts has a chance to embrace this commonsense solution to climate change by passing appliance standards. Join Environment Mass in urging the Massachusetts Legislature to include appliance efficiency standards in any climate legislation passed this session.

» Use Environment MA’s online letter to send to your legislators

Take Action to Make Our State House More Transparent

From our friends at Act On Mass:

» Join Act on Mass’s Transparency Campaign!

At the start of every two-year legislative session, the State House writes its own rulebook. A new session begins in January. Over the next few months, Act on Mass and their allies are organizing constituent power in every corner of the state to demand that our legislators change the broken, anti-democratic rules in the State House.

Massachusetts has one of the least transparent State Houses in the country.  With few exceptions, our legislators vote in secret.  This fosters a corrupting system in which legislators are more accountable to corporations and special interests than to their own constituents. The devastating end result is a State House that fails us by prioritizing modest, incremental changes, instead of truly reflecting our values. Decisions about which bills pass are made in backroom deals. The State House operates more like an old boys club than a pillar of a vibrant democracy.

The Transparency Is Power Campaign is a grassroots campaign that works with advocacy groups, labor unions, and individuals to build constituent power across the state. Together, we pressure our state legislators through engagement and escalation to change the rules of the State House. By standing up for rules today, we can more effectively fight for bold, transformative policies tomorrow.

No Fracked Gas in Mass fully supports these rule changes because we know they will greatly increase our ability for strong environmental legislation.

» Visit Act on Mass’s Website to learn more.

» Visit the No Fracked Gas in Mass Act Now page for these actions and more

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