Legislative Update: In-Person Opportunity
WFA Day Provides A Chance to Meet

Hello California Fairs,
It has been a very busy legislative season filled with exciting - and complicated - issues. We are hoping to see many of you during WFA Day at Cal Expo, this Thursday, July 21! Our Open House begins at 5 p.m. in the Satellite Wagering Clubhouse. With so many members gathering in one place, we wanted to take the opportunity to meet in person to have conversation about several of the nuanced legislative issues, from the budget to AB 2678 and the implications thereof.

Those interested in the work of California Fairs Alliance, please join us on Thursday at 3 p.m. in the Cal Expo Board Room in the Administration Building. Your WFA Credential is good for entry at the credential gate, east of the main gate. You will need to park outside of the Administration Gate and walk through to the Administration Building. Feel free to inform your Fair Board Members if you think they would be interested in participating.

As always, thank you for your engagement in the process.

1776 Tribute Road Suite 210, Sacramento CA 95815-4495