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Issue 3 Volume 6
June 2010
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3 Tee Drill
Teach Your Catchers to Get More Strikes
True Sportsmanship
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Hello from CoachDeck!

Now that the 2010 baseball season is winding down, we'd like to thank our thousands of customers for allowing us to be part of their coach education programs. We hope we've inspired your volunteers to run more fun and effective practices and we'll continue to strive to provide your organization with the best training tools available.

Our softball deck is coming! We're excited to announce that we've partnered with former UCLA National Championship coach, Sue Enquist, to provide her expertise. Sue brings a wealth of knowledge, which will make our softball product a sure-fire winner!

Want a great drill to teach your hitters to stay back in the zone? Former professional Chance Reynolds has provided an outstanding and simple drill you can do with kids of all ages. And, how many times have you watched a perfect pitch hit the catcher's mitt - only to have it called a ball? It could be that the umpire wasn't blind, but your catcher cost you the call. Brian Gotta's article gives you three adjustments you can teach your catchers to make to ensure your pitchers get every strike they should.
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Enjoy this issue of On Deck, and thank you for all you do for youth baseball and softball.
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Three Tee DrillChance Reynolds
by Chance Reynolds, Former Professional Baseball Player
Would you like to learn a drill that can automatically create more line drives for your young hitters? Of course, you would! What hitting coach wouldn't? The drill I'm referring to is what I like to call the "Three Tee Drill." Now, even though most people would think I'm suggesting you drag three batting tees out to the cage today and line them up accordingly, you actually only need one in order to do this drill properly. Read Article
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Brian Gotta Teach Your Catchers to Get More Strike Calls
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

I'll start by admitting that I'm not a catcher. Other than some rec games when I was very young, I never played the position. However, through coaching fifty-something Little League, PONY, and travel teams, and after having done my share of calling balls and strikes as an umpire, I've seen enough pitches hit the catcher's mitt to make some observations. And I've learned how you, as a coach, can help your catchers get those marginal pitches called strikes, and to dramatically cut down the number of actual strikes that an umpire will mistakenly rule as balls. Read Article
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True Sportsmanship Softball carry
With two runners on base and a strike against her, Sara Tucholsky of Western Oregon University uncorked her best swing and did something she had never done, in high school or college. She hit her first home run, which cleared the center field fence.
But it looked like the shortest of dreams-come-true when she missed first base, started back to tag it, and collapsed with a knee injury.
You may not believe what happened next. Watch video
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