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TopFall Newsletter 2012

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Gutter Cleaning
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Take advantage of our Award Winning Customer Service for all of your Home maintenance needs...

We give the same care and attention to all projects large or small.

Roof & Gutter repairs

and replacements

Pipes burst

Window & Door repairs and replacements

Before -Upland Addition

Siding & Trim repairs and replacements

Before -Upland Addition

General Home Maintenance & repairs

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Gutter Cleaning

A Fall Home maintenance must!

If you live anywhere near trees, gutter cleaning is likely on your list of things to get to this fall...and if it's not, here's why it should be.

Clearing your gutters of debris helps them do their job...channeling water where it belongs...AWAY FROM YOUR HOME!

This one simple act of home maintenance helps prevent:

  • Rotted Fascia boards
  • Damaged siding
  • Damaged paint
  • Ice damns
  • Wet basements

Call 508-279-0656 or e-mail us today to get on our list for Gutter Cleaning* this season. Your house will Thank you!

*Our service also includes a basic inspection of your gutters, connections & downspouts and recommendations for any repairs deemed necessary.

Average Home will cost approx. $240 minimum of $150.

Product Spotlight

Zinc Shield

Solar Attic Fan

Prevent Roof Staining & Damage

Ever drive by a house that had a roof that looked like this?
Does your house look like this?
Ever wonder why this happens and what those stains are?
Put simply the black stains are algae, mold and mildew that were once airborne and got washed onto the roof with rain and are now living, feeding and growing on the roof. This is more than an aesthetic problem, the living algae will only get worse untreated and could significantly shorten the life span of your roof.
Although the stains can be chemically cleaned they will only return if measures aren't taken to prevent them.
Zinc Shield is your best line of defense - literally, a small strip or "line" of zinc is installed at the top of the roof and as the rain washes over the zinc it carries zinc ions that prevent algae, mold & mildew from adhering to the roof.

Contact us today if you want to protect your roof from unsightly and damaging algae, mold & mildew.

Staff & Family Updates

Lead Carpenter Dan Moore ties the knot!

Dan & Jen get married Dan Moore was married on August 31st at the Seacrest Beach Hotel in Falmouth, MA. Dan & Jen said "I do" with their toes in the sand as the sun set in the sky.

The Staff had a great time celebrating with Dan & Jen on their special day and everyone had an especially good time in the photo booth, take a look at some of the fun staff shots we got .

Dan & Jen are shown here enjoying the dance floor on their special day!. Congrats to Dan & Jen from all of us here at Thorson, we wish you all the best in your new life together!

Thorson Goes To Autumnfest!

We had lots of fun chatting with folks in the community at Bridgewater's annual Autumnfest. We kicked off our Kindle giveaway in celebration of our latest awards and were able to chat with lots of great people about what we do.

Office Manager Jen painted a photo stand-in as a fun addition to our booth. Quite a few people stopped and took a photo with our "Joe Manly Carpenter" and a lot of people were sporting our free Thorson Logo temporary tattoos. It was a great day!

Manley Family Update

Carpenter Joe Manley's son Skye started kindergarten this year and big sister Acadia is now in second grade they are shown here carving (and playing with) pumpkins. If you look closely you can see Joe's press in the background, looks as though daddy Manley was pressing some apples for his home brewed hard apple cider while the kids carved their pumpkins! Acadia Carves pumpkins

Kravitz Family update

Owne 5 months old

Office Manager Jen Kravitz' son Owen is now 5 months old and his full head of dark brown hair is just a light brown peach fuzz now.

Big Sister Senja got her first haircut at age 3 and is shown here brushing up on her golf game in the front yard.

Senja Golfs