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Zero Waste Program Enables Building to Triple Waste Diversion
Employees at the Allegheny County Office Building have tripled waste diversion during a one-year period – now diverting 60 percent of the building’s waste from local landfills – thanks to a partnership with PRC’s Zero Waste Pennsylvania program. Beginning in fall 2014, the Zero Waste team worked with the county’s Sustainability Office to educate workers, add centralized collection stations, and remove all desk-side bins in the downtown Pittsburgh office building.

Zero Waste strategies save financial resources as well as protect and preserve natural resources, according to PRC Western Regional Director Justin Stockdale. “This success is possible to replicate elsewhere, and PRC is eager to work with new organizations, businesses and government entities to develop strategies to reduce and divert waste.”

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PRC Launches Pittsburgh Film Series in March
The new “Films for a Better Planet” film series launches on Saturday, March 12, with Divide in Concord: The Plastic Water Bottle Ban. Join fellow film buffs and local experts for the screening and panel discussion at PRC West’s headquarters at 64 S. 14th Street in Pittsburgh’s South Side.
Save Money and the Environment
PRC works with PECO to help Pennsylvanians save money and the environment through simple solutions in their own homes. Make small changes to save energy and water this winter, such as lowering your water heater temperature to 120 degrees, installing low-flow showerheads and running only full loads of laundry.
Reuse Central Connects Donors with Non-Profits
Keep an eye out for PRC’s newest green initiative, Reuse Central!  Reuse Central is a technology platform that connects businesses and nonprofits so needed materials can have a second life doing social good rather than ending up in a landfill. Reuse Central is designed to connect the region’s corporations with local nonprofits, ensuring that valuable and useful materials help the Pittsburgh and global community instead of heading to local landfills! Look for updates in the coming months!
“Lens on Litter” Contest Focuses Attention on Trash
Congratulations to all winners of PRC’s annual “Lens on Litter” photo contest!  More than 250 student and adult photographers living throughout Pennsylvania depicted how litter impacts their lives and communities.

First-place honorees are student winner Tim Price of Hazelton for “Fenced Out” (shown at right) and adult winner Marina Meunier of Morton for “Deciduous” (shown at top of eblast).

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“Films for A Better Planet” 
Divide in Concord
screening and panel discussion
March 12

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​Support PRC in a variety of ways:

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Hosting a “Green” Football Party

1. Skip Disposable Plates & Glasses
Serve food and drinks using reusable plates and glasses to cut down on waste. When taking a dish to a friend’s party, do so in a reusable container that you can take home or leave behind with the host to reuse.

2. Recycle & Compost 
Recycle bottles and cans as well as “chipboard” used to make cracker boxes, etc. Compost fruit and veggie scraps in a backyard composting bin. Check with your local municipality concerning recycling materials collected at the curb and contact PRC to attend a composting workshop.

3. Buy Local & Save 
Buy locally grown food and seasonal produce. Local products are generally cheaper and support the local economy.
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