Bike Room and Bike Parking Ideas!

The Decker parks bikes on a two tiered system which double your bike parking capacity. Includes front wheel locking lever and tray dampers.  Smallest footprint on the market

Select from three different air kit models.  The AK-3 shown above is designed for heavy duty repeated public use.  The water proof gauge and durable construction make this a must have product.

The Fixit Bike Stand has all the tools necessary to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance. Change a flat tire or adjust the brakes and derailleurs.

The Ultra Space Saver provides easy and ample space for u-lock security on nearly any bike, including bikes with fenders. Both wall and floor mounted units are available.


The Cycle Station provides high-capacity, covered bike parking for bicycle commuters. The Cycle Station allows traditional, vertical, or two-tiered bike racks configured to meet your specific needs.
Kolo Shelter

The Kolo is designed to accommodate a variety of bike parking options, including vertical and two-tiered arrangements. The Kolo is modular so it's easily expandable.

Convert any standard arc, bike bike, circle; downtown, hoop or swerve bike rack into a logo rack.  Ask about art bike racks too!

The Swerve bike rack is avaiable as a single rack for two bike.  With the use of a mounting rail, adding racks can be added to create a bike corral or bike parking station.