April 2019
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Clergywomen's Day Apart: Embracing the Gift of Peace

April 23   Nashville, TN   0.6 CEUs


Clergy Women, YOU are invited to Steal Away from the complexities of day-to-day ministry to participate in a Clergy Women’s Day Apart.

Together we will renew our relationship with God, others, and ourselves. Engage in meaningful response to grief, self-trust, difficult people, and the challenges of being a caring and trustworthy presence in ministry.

Presenters include:
Rev. Dr. Paula Gravelle Turner: Grace in Grief
Rev. J. Thomas Laney, Jr.: Employing Emotional Intelligence to address unhealthy behaviors
Rev. Dr. Paula Smith: Reclaiming Wholistic Health & Wellbeing


Drive! Conference
May 6 - 7     Atlanta, GA   1.0 CEUs


DriveConference is a two-day event for church leaders. Think of Drive as a rest stop to inspire, equip, and refuel you for the road ahead.

Andy Stanley and North Point’s leading communicators will be sharing our latest learnings and tools to help you take your ministry further faster.

Are you a senior pastor? A student minister? A worship leader? We’ll have something for everyone, so load up your church van with your entire team. It’s time to fuel up, have some fun, and let the North Point staff serve you at Drive!  1.0 CEUs


Join Bishop "Dindy" and Rusty Taylor on this "Travel with Friends" Tour of the Holy Land, Greece, and Rome. Visit the locations where Jesus walked and preached in Galilee. Follow  the footsteps of Christ through Bethlehem and Jerusalem, including the Old City.

The (optional) second portion of the tour will include Biblically significant sites in Greece, including Athens, Corinth, Patmos, and the island of Crete. Finally, journey to Rome to visit Vatican City, the Christian Catacombs and many more historic sites. 

Important note: Deadline to register for this study tour is May 30th. Click on headline for details and registration information.



Here is a copy of a letter from David Graves, acknowledging and thanking those who attended this year's Convocation for their donation to the Florida/West Alabama Conference. They (and we!) are grateful for your generosity.


For those of you who will be moving to a new appointment this June, you may want to find out more about your new congregation. Here is the information to sign up for MissionInsite. You can also contact me if you would like some reports generated about the people in your new charge area,.



A Message from Our Director...


 Sometimes it is hard for me to determine the boundaries of my different roles. For instance, I write this as the Director of the Wesley Leadership Institute. That means I am wearing the hat of Continuing Education proponent as I write these words. Speaking of boundaries (great segue…don’t you think?), we have the upcoming Sexual Ethics and Boundaries Seminar that will be held in five different locations within the annual conference.

   So If you have not yet registered for one of the seminar locations, you need to do so ASAP. As I am writing this (Friday afternoon-March 28th), the Farragut location only has three slots left open, and State Street in Bristol only has sixteen slots left open. Once these are filled, you will need to go to Ooltewah, Colonial Heights(Kingsport) or St John (Wytheville).  So go online to the website and register today.   

    A reminder—If you do not attend the seminar at one of these locations, then you will not be appointed to serve a church following the 2019 Holston Annual Conference.  Once you register, you will be sent an email ONLY if you have registered for a site that is already full. In other words, if you don’t hear back from my office, you can assume that you will be attending your first site choice. 

   Now for something not under the continuing education hat---Have you been reading the daily devotionals written by members of the Board of Ordained Ministry and Extended Cabinet? If you have not, then you really need to be reading them. We have some very talented persons within our annual conference and I have been blessed by the messages they have been sharing. Tim Jones and I are in conversation about doing another round of these devotions between All Saints and Epiphany. We would like to open it up to include more laity as writers. So let one of us know what you think about that idea. 

Under the hat of Annual Conference Secretary, let me suggest that, if you want a copy of the Book of Reports that you order it today! (I think I saw an April 1st order deadline) otherwise, you will need to download the pdf that will go up in the next few weeks and use it on a tablet, phone, or computer. You could also print out your own copy. This year, the Book of Reports will be 8.5x11 in size so it should print nicely off of the pdf. 

Also under the same hat, the 2018 Holston Annual Conference Journals are available for order or the pdf should be up in a few days.  

I am not sure what else I have left to say. So I’ll simply say, “God bless you in all that you do for the Kingdom.”                -
Terry Goodman



Check the Holston online calendar for a full listing of future events.


April 2019:


The Book of Life Conference

April 2   Chattanooga, TN   0.7 CEUs


Getting Closer to God Men's Conference

April 12-13   Camp Dickenson   0.7 CEUs


Clergywomen's Day Apart: Embracing the Gift of Peace
April 23   Nashville, TN   0.6 CEUs


Sexual Ethics & Boundaries Conference

April 30   Ooltewah, TN   0.5 CEUs


Senior Adult Day at Camp Lookout
April 30   Camp Lookout   0.25 CEUs


May 2019:


Sexual Ethics & Boundaries Conference

May 2   First Farragut UMC, Knoxville TN   0.5 CEUs


Sexual Ethics & Boundaries Conference

May 4  Colonial Heights UMC, Kingsport, TN   0.5 CEUs


Sexual Ethics & Boundaries Conference

May 6   State Street UMC, Bristol TN   0.5 CEUs

May 6-8   Pigeon Forge, TN   0.3 CEUs


Drive Conference
May 6-8 Atlanta, GA 1.0 CEUs


Sexual Ethics & Boundaries Conference

May 8   St. Paul UMC, Wytheville VA   0.5 CEUs


Resurrecting Easter
Meditations for the Great 50 days
   - by Kate Moorhead


Established author, Kate Moorhead, provides devotional resources for the forgotten post- Easter season. Short daily readings offer more seasonally-appropriate material for those accustomed to a Lenten practice. American Christians have forgotten the Easter season. We celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus on one day and then return to ordinary time. But Christ appeared over and over again for forty days in resurrected form. 

We cannot sustain this resurrection season because that kind of sustained joy overwhelms us. This book is designed to help us sustain Easter.


The Very Reverend Katherine B. (Kate) Moorehead is the 10th Dean of St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral. She graduated cum laude with a Master of Divinity degree from Virginia Theological Seminary. She is author of four books, "Organic God" (2006), "Between Two Worlds" (2004) and "Get Over Yourself: God’s here" (2009). Her latest book is "Resurrecting Easter." 



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