Action Alert
Iowa needs to be a safe place for every person
We need you Monday, February 27th.

SF 253

Life at Conception Bill will be in Sub-Committee 

Room 206 at Noon

Help us make Iowa safe for all unborn children.

Help us make history! 
Life at Conception

Monday, Feb. 27th, could change lives for hundreds of thousands of unborn children. 
The Iowa Legislature is about to consider SF 253, a bill that would establish life begins at conception. Dozens of Iowa lawmakers have signed on to cosponsor this ground-breaking law that could change the abortion debate at the national level.
We must get the Senate Judiciary Committee to pass this bill in the next week or it could die this session, and we may never have an opportunity like this again.
Which means we need you to join us this Monday to help us support this life saving bill so our children will never have to know the harm of abortion in Iowa. 
At noon on Monday, the Iowa Senate will host a subcommittee meeting in Room 206 on the Life at Conception Bill. Our hope is to pack the Capitol with pro-life Iowans to show our legislators overwhelming support for the lives of our precious children.
With enough support at the subcommittee meeting, we may yet encourage the full committee to move SF 253 forward. 
We need everyone who is pro-life to take a stand and to be vocal so our Senate knows we want Iowa to be pro-life. 
Come make history with us on Monday, Feb. 27! Wear black. Come to edify, build up, and encourage our pro-life lawmakers at 11:00 a.m., and plan on staying until at least 1:00 p.m. The room is very small so we will not all be able to be in the room but it is vital we show our support for this bill. There will also be a table at the capitol with  information regarding SF 253
Protecting Their Dignity

Senate File 52 will prohibit aborted baby parts from being acquired, transferred, received, etc. from an abortion providers to any persons. This law would protect the sanctity of the aborted child from having his or her body being sold or volunteered for research of any kind. These children do not give consent for their little bodies to be used.

Senate File 52 has moved out of Sub Committee to Committee
Helping Women in a Loving Way

Senate File 2 will redirect government funding for persons eligible for Medicaid and Medicare from family planning facilities who refer or do abortions to facilities that offer the same reproductive services but are not abortion facilities.

Senate File 2 has passed sub committee and will be moving to committee in the House

Pro-Life Research 

House File 240 would provide a regenerative medicine tax credit which would offer financial support for pro-life adult stem cell research. John Paul II Medical Institute has been lobbying this bill for several years because this bill would bring Iowans many benefits regardless if they are pro-life or secularists.

HF 240 is scheduled for Sub-Committee on Monday, February 27th
Norma McCorvey with Emily who changed Norma's life through love
She spent her life challenging the court case she helped to pass.

Not many know the story of Jane Roe, of Roe vs. Wade. They only know it was the case that legalized abortion in all 50 states. But who is Jane Roe and what did she do with her life after the Supreme Court ruling? To many it is a surprise that Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) never aborted her child and spent her life fighting to change that ruling she fought so hard for.
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