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Vintage Chigger Chatter
Circa 1973 

That's right! One of our very own, Fletcher Spigner, found some vintage Chigger Chatter that he graciously shared with us! Check out a poem to get yourself JAZZED for summer camp 2018! Ring any bells, friends?

Camp Gravatt

Camp Gravatt is a very strange place
But we always welcome a brand new face
This session got to be pretty wild
For the staff and every child
The hospital will probably close its doors
The campers forgot to do their chores
Arts and Crafts was lots of fun
The nurse was really kept on the run
Camp-outs were planned but then it rained
Plans were made but then were changed
The trip to the park was really great
The bells were always ringing late
As usual we had good food
Everyone was in a good mood
Christmas Day was really neat
Even tho' we thought we'd die of the heat
Looking back we all can see
This session was the best it could be.

-"An Onymous"
Newest Members of the Farm
Rhode Island Red Chicks
The newest members of the Gravatt Farm arrived Wednesday, April 4, 2018! We are so excited to welcome these sweet little chicks to the family and are thrilled to see them grow and eventually produce eggs for the Gravatt kitchen. You're going to do BIG things, little chicks!
Mac Westmoreland Scholarships
Help Send Kids to Camp!

Want to help make these smiles a reality? Give to the Mac Westmoreland Scholarship Fund, so that EVERY child can go to camp, regardless of financial means. Your support means the world to us, but most CHANGES the world for them!
Needs and Deeds
A place to show gratitude to faithful supporters and acknowledge current need.

Deeds: We would like to extend a HUGE Gravatt "thank you" to our friends at St. Martin's In-the-Fields Cloak and Sword Foundation, who chose to sponsor 7 children to come to Reach Out Camp this summer! Reach Out Camp is a session of summer camp specially-designed for children of incarcerated parents. It is because of generous community sponsors like St. Martin's In-the-Fields that we are able to continue programs like Reach Out Camp, so that all communities may be touched by summer camp.

  • Canoes/kayaks/paddle boards
  • Wood chips/mulch
  • Archery Arrows
  • Sports/Rec Equipment
  • Ping Pong/Foosball Table
  • Art Shack Supplies
  • Pool Noodles/Floats
  • Life Jackets
  • Metal Targets for Sling Shots

Are you willing to donate or have any information on where to acquire these items? Let us know at!
What's Coming Up at Gravatt?
May 5, 2018
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