"Tell me who you walk with, and I will tell you who you are."

We were thrilled to unveil the Clodagh Collection for Restoration Hardware's Spring 2017 Outdoor Collection. You can find it on the coveted homepage of, and on the front cover of both the Contract and Outdoor catalogs!

Reflecting the centuries-old art of basketry, the complex weave features straps of varying widths that crisscross to form a bold, open lattice. The warm bronze finish lends it the look of burnished metal, while the weave's negative space imparts airiness to the low, linear profile.

I typically speak to design audiences all over the world, but my March 16th talk at David E. Adler Fine Rugs in Scottsdale, Arizona, was very special for me.

Due to cancelled flights and lots of scrambled travel plans because of the big Northeast storm, David Adler and his wife Lisa (plus the entire Adler team) went to extraordinary lengths to make my visit there memorable, even going so far as wardrobe help due to last-minute travel mishaps!

I spoke to over 150 design mavens at the store event, which was partnered with Luxe Interiors + Design Arizona, and found the Scottsdale area designers to be one of the most engaged audiences I've had in recent memory. David Adler Fine Rugs is a showroom that displays my collection of area rugs for Tufenkian Artisan carpets. Bless you David Adler for a wonderful experience and for the opportunity to make so many new friends! I'll be back in Scottsdale as soon as I can!

"It was an extraordinary pleasure to host Clodagh in our Scottsdale showroom. There are too many superlatives that one can use to describe Clodagh. They lose their currency. I will say that there are rare people one meets in a lifetime who leave a singular and indelible impression. Clodagh is among them."- David E. Adler
Top: David E. Adler and Clodagh standing in front of the gorgeous Tufenkian Artisan carpets.
Second row: Nils and Amy Lofgren with Clodagh
Third row: Cynthia Woody and Clodagh; Gerri Rowe and Clodagh; Dana Lyon and Hannah Klein of the Refined Group Design
Fourth row (L-R): Scott Burdick, Clodagh, Elizabeth Rosensteel, Ellen Sweeney, John Martin and David Adler celebrating Clodagh's personal appearance, design talk and book signing to the design leaders of Phoenix/Scottsdale area that was held at the David E. Adler Fine Rugs store in Scottsdale on March 16.
Bottom: The stunning David E. Adler showroom
We are so proud that EAST, Miami received not only one but four awards at the Miami Hospitality Design Awards! The awards honored hotels, restaurants, architects and designers whose work best displayed Miami’s hospitality and design industries.

Out of almost 100 submissions EAST, Miami was awarded for - Best Overall Hotel Project: EAST, Miami (Arquitectonica/Clodagh/Studio Collective); People’s Choice Award: EAST, Miami (Arquitectonica/Clodagh/Studio Collective); Best Hotel Restaurant: Quinto La Huella (Arquitectonica/Studio Collective) and Best Hotel Nightclub, Bar, Lounge!

“Award-winning, New York-based Clodagh Design provided a sophisticated take on a modern beachfront property dropped into a buzzing urban center. A combination of textures, unpredictable color and lighting, subtle earth tones, and sculptural furniture allow designer Clodagh to engage guests with subtle visual cues. Bridges and pathways provide transitions from one experience to another, utilizing color and light as navigational tools. The perception of crossing seamlessly from experience to experience inspires a feeling of community throughout the hotel, making each of the towers’ individual spaces uniquely connected as one.” - Miami Hospitality Design Awards

We were so excited to officially open the Restaurant portion of the Beacon Hotel this January. As reported by the Hudson Valley Press, the open kitchen bar is now in full operation. The back dining room space seats around 75 patrons, where authentic, creatively crafted dinner and brunch selections are served.

The menu by Executive Chef Nicholas Leiss features local produce in great abundance, where fresh meats, fish, fruit and vegetables go from farm to kitchen to table (it's basically the Hudson Valley on a plate!). He also graciously creates special plates for vegans and vegetarians within his broad menu, like Beet & Pomelo (featuring pickled, preserved, and smoked Tardivo and apple blossom), or the Farrotto with fiddlehead ferns, stinging nettles and black trumpet mushrooms.

My love affair with Beacon started over 14 years ago after purchasing property there in with my husband Daniel Aubry, Beacon artist and Realtor. The wonderfully tight community and necklace of fabulous restaurants and music venues makes it a great place for a quiet night dining or an evening out on the town. Each establishment offers uniquely different experiences. I wanted to be a part of that, and contribute to the fabulous community, which is why we designed The Beacon Hotel Restaurant with owners Alla Bares and Greg Trautman.

The Beacon Hotel Restaurant marks the latest chapter in a 140 year story of hospitality on Main Street. Originally built in 1877, it will be the oldest continuously operating hotel in Beacon. We can't wait to see you there! Stay tuned for updates on the official opening of the Hotel portion of The Beacon Hotel Restaurant, set to open later this year.

Photos: Courtesy of The Beacon Hotel Restaurant and Diana Vidal Photography.

Having worked in our studio for over a decade, our Creative Director Katie Miller is a driving force behind Clodagh Signature. Although born and raised in Connecticut, Katie has been calling Brooklyn home for the good part of 17 years.

Katie recently spoke at City of Tomorrow: Real Estate, Architecture and Design Summit on the Design Series: Inspired Interiors panel hosted by the 92 Street Y, where she discussed wellness and sustainability for the home. Not only does she brighten our day with her ebullient personality and smile, her adorable dog Maggie brings a wealth of happiness to our studio (who, pictured left, is excited to have recently been promoted to Office Treats Manager).

The very popular Breakfast Bracelets are back!

May I suggest that you take a look at to order these colorful bangles that almost sold out due to a recent Harper’s Bazaar feature. They are just $25 each. Their bright colors, including the sparkling gold ones featured in Bazaar that did sell out, but are now back, make ideal gifts for upcoming occasions such as Easter and Mother’s Day.

Did you know that the sale of just ONE of these Breakfast Bracelets will supply a complete breakfast to a Thorn Tree student in Kenya every day for an entire year? And we happen to think that they are just as stylish as Harper’s Bazaar says they are! 

Blackbody Lighting and Clodagh Design hosted the 15th Anniversary celebration of The Thorn Tree Project at Blackbody's SoHo showroom .

The Thorn Tree Project, a 501 (C)(3) organization, has educated over 1,500 young girls and boys in Kenya, (including the funding of twelve pre-schools and three elementary schools) and now for the first time is putting some of these worthy students through high school, tech school and college. The Thorn Tree Project has no overhead and is completely run by volunteers. 

Internationally acclaimed designer Clodagh, who is a Thorn Tree Project Board member, said, "We thank Blackbody Lighting from the bottom of our hearts for their extraordinary generosity in hosting our 15th Anniversary Celebration. Helping us raise funds for the education of the Thorn Tree children is a true philanthropic act on their part and we deeply appreciate it." 

Thorn Tree began when Clodagh's friend, advertising legend Jane Newman's jeep broke down in northern Kenya. After receiving multiple kindnesses from the Samburu Chief George, Jane Newman asked the Chief what she could do in return. He replied, "Help educate our children." Jane Newman, back in New York, asked Clodagh to help raise funds and educate the children.

The younger students' first classes are held under the shade of thorn trees in Kenya, thus the name. 

The cocktail party fundraiser for 300 guests included prizes such as 5-minute Live Portraits of people and pets donated by NY artist Justin Teodoro; over 600 whimsical wooden toys from Vilac Toys in France; original art books from Glitterati Incorporated; Teka lights by Blackbody; a stay at the Commonwealth Hotel in Boston, and hats from The Hat Shop NYC. Other items featured for auction were a luxury trip for two to visit The Thorn Tree Project and other locations in Kenya (such as the spot in Lewa where Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton), donated by Thorn Tree Founder Jane Newman; artwork by acclaimed artists such as Billy Kidd, Matthew Pillsbury, Jose Rosabal, Lindsay Keating Sherwin and Justin Teodoro. Rugs from Nanimarquina; a Driade chair; Lee Broom table lamp, a carpet bag from Tucker Robbins and a design consultation with Clodagh were popular items. 

Soho Design District Members Fontana Arte, Gandia Blasco, Ingo Maurer, Kartell, Lasvit, L'Objet, Mitchell + Gold, Nanimarquina, and Techno Gym also donated products for the event. 
Paris, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down
by Rosecrans Baldwin
Farrar Straus and Giroux
Young Rosecrans Baldwin and his wife set off on a lifelong dream: two American Francophiles who always wanted to live in Paris. The reality of the eighteen months they spent there during the Sarkozy days is a hilarious and heartwarming read, and a must for all lovers of Paris. The witty telling of the day-to-day minutia of his job in a Paris ad agency where Rosecranz worked on baby accounts and the Louis Vuitton campaign with such stars as Sean Connery, will make you laugh and cry at the same time. As the reality of life in Paris in a tiny and noisy apartment sets in for the couple, they gradually start to love Paris all over again, but for reasons that they never imagined.
12 E 32nd Street
New York, NY 10016
212 213 0077

One of my favorite Manhattan restaurants is the lovely Korean vegan restaurant on East 32nd Street in Murray Hill called HanGawi. The native Korean owners believe in a VERY balanced diet. With their complete understanding of traditional Korean cuisine, they’ve been able to introduce me to so many new dishes! “Um” and “Yang” are the Korean versions of yin and yang, and HanGawi serves food such as their “um” green vegetables and fruit, and balance those with their “yang” foods, which include roots, radishes, carrots and potatoes. The cuisine is always especially delicious and the ambiance elegant! 

Design Director Nancie Min's son is a mini chef in the making!

Nancie's youngest son Easie makes a delicious dessert- and it's totally vegan!

1/2 cup pure unsweetened cocoa powder (raw organic preferred)

1/2 cup raw organic coconut oil at room temperature in liquid state

1/4 cup dark maple syrup or agave

Drop of vanilla extract

Pinch of sea salt

Orange zest (optional)

Whisk all ingredients thoroughly and pour into candy molds or silicon ice molds.

Put it into the refrigerator until it hardens (or the freezer if you're hard on time).

So delicious (and healthy...)

Above: Easie learning the trade with Santa Fe Four Season's resort pastry chefs.

For the past few years, several of my friends have been telling me about one of their favorite places for summer and winter fun. It is the small village of Saas Fee in the Swiss Alps. It is quietly known as the "Pearl of the Alps,' with fantastic skiing in the winter and summer, biking/hiking/classical music concerts and festivals during the summer months. It  intrigued me because it is so little known.  I was happy to see a write-up about Saas Fee recently in the New York Post and would like to share it with you, but don't tell too many people, we don't want Saas Fee to become overcrowded before I get there myself!

As part of our studio wellness program, we enlist the massage therapists of Exubrancy, who deliver custom programs for offices in New York City to maximize workplace health and happiness!

"When we talk about massages, images of luxurious spas or upscale health clubs might be conjured up. However, if you think getting massages is an indulgent activity, worthy only of special occasions, think again. Although it can be feel like a highly pampering experience, its benefits extend beyond that of being a relaxing treat. Massage therapy can be considered a powerful way to boost your overall health and wellbeing, and in reality we should all have them done far more frequently." -


Lumina Products' AQUAFIRE is the safest fire I’ve ever come in contact with.

The “flames” are formulated with light and steam that are safe to the touch,

producing realistic flames and proving that water and fire can work together in harmony.

Lumina Product’s has a range of beautiful products - so go on and play with fire! Watch the video here.


Global Halotherapy Solutions is the leading manufacturer of Halotherapy products. Halotherapy, derived from the Greek halos, meaning "salt", is a mode of treatment in a controlled air environment which simulates a natural salt cave climate.

Breathing quietly, your body receives the benefits of salt and all it has to offer for respiratory and skin wellness. The absorption of edema from the mucosa lining of the airways and the reduction of inflammation in the respiratory tract and sinuses is a huge help for those with asthma.

Halotherapy has been known to improve a gamut of medical issues, from Eczema, and allergies to ear infections and chronic depression. Order yours here.

Beckmann Theatre
The American Theatre of Actors
314 West 54th Street
New York City

Until May 26

I hope you’ll all have a chance to catch our dear friend, actress Joanna Pinto, who will star in Theresa Rebeck’s “Spike Heels.”

Rebeck uses her crafty and very often hilarious writing style to delve into issues such as sexual harassment and the implications of societal classism. Most important, she distinguishes four complicated characters, each in the depth of their own turmoils, as she explores a four-sided love triangle. Also starring along with Joanna Pinto are Andrew Pagliara, Zach Shinske, and Marie Dinolan. The play is directed by Jay D. Brock.

Joanna is the daughter of two-time Olympic gold medal winning swimmer and TV legend Donna de Varona and the niece of Donna’s sister, actress/director Joanna Kerns, who starred in the TV series “Growing Pains.”

Opening night of “Spike Heels” is Thursday, May 11th with performances on the 12th, 13th, 15th, 18th - 21st, and 23rd to 26th. Weekend shows are at 7pm and weekday shows are at 8 pm. Tickets here.

Break a leg Joanna!

Smile, It’s Your Close Up: New York’s Documentaries at the Museum of the City of New York brilliantly explores and showcases some of the key people and places that makes New York City what is is. Upcoming showings include “The Witness”, “I Remember Harlem”, “Class Divide” and “T.V. Transvestite".

All showings are followed by a discussion with directors of the films or other significant guests. Check out Museum of the City of New York for more info on showtimes and admission.

MAY 18, 2017

115 E23rd Street
Floor 12
New York, NY 10010

Join us for our annual fundraiser, where we will be raising money for Ape Action Africa Fundraiser (featuring an appearance from Rachel Hogan, Director of Ape Action Africa), Housing Works, The Thorn Tree Project and City Meals on Wheels.

Dr. Colin Okashimo

A  landscape architect and sculptor who is passionate about creating gardens of calm and contemplation as a sculptural form, Colin Okashimo begins his process of design for every project with his experience just before the dawn of the day by meditating on the site. In the stillness of the site’s own calm it awakens his creativity and inspires the course of the project. The work he creates inspires the viewer to pause from the hectic pace of daily life, reflect, and ponder the work and how it perhaps relates to them personally. Okashimo does more than just create beautiful sculptures but also provides a place for onlookers to revitalize their soul.

"My sculptures are not intended to be objects solely for their aesthetics. I want them to reinforce the significance of the place - of the location - through their dialogue with the landscape."- Dr Colin K. Okashimo

Top left: Brutus lounging on his new deck, excited for the beginnings of warmer weather.
Top right: Oliver and Maggie's first post-winter beach trip.
Middle left: Otto scouts beach shells for an upcoming design project.
Middle right: Lola enjoys a post-winter mud treatment.
Bottom left: Floppy the dog- never been bathed. Never eaten a thing. Never been walked. Never had a shot. Never barked. Nevertheless, a very happy dog who also will never die!
Bottom right: Kaiah counting down the days until her Spring vaycay.
115 East 23rd Street, New York City, NY 10010
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