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​Luke DeNitto's 1952 Chevrolet Ambulette

When Luke first picked up this rare little car, it had trendy aluminum wheels on it that just didn't fit the "professional" image of the car. He picked up a set of Wheelsmith 2-piece OEM style wheels with Chevrolet hubcaps and trim rings. This was the beginning of a journey to convert the car to a period correct example. 

It caught the eye of the publishers of "Professional Car Collector" magazine with a cover shot and full feature of the car.

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17" 2-Piece Steel Smoothies
Wheelsmith offers a complete line of smoothie wheels. NOW available in 17″ in all popular bolt patterns. 5 on 4.5″-4.75″, 5 on 5″-5.5″, 5 on 6.5″. Order them in plain steel, powder coated or chrome plated. We build all wheels to order right here in the good ‘ol U.S. of A.!

WHEEL SIZES: 17″x7″, 17″x8″, 17″x9″.

Give Bob or Rex a call to get yours. 800-854-8937
Measuring The Rear Wheel Well with Disc Brakes For Optimal Fit.
Jack vehicle up on level ground by the suspension. Remove the lug nuts and wheels. Support the car with Jack Stands at the suspension. Be sure the hub’s mounting surface is vertical. Use a rigid straight edge for all measurements, about 30” long for best results. When measuring from the mounting surface, be sure to use that side of the straight edge for measurements.
Measure the mounting suface to the fender edge at the highest point (B).
Measure from the mounting surface to the first obstruction on the frame side at that verticle point of the fender edge (A).
Measure the hub diameter (C).
Measure radius from the hub center to top of the brake caliper (D).
Measure the mounting surface to the outer edge of brake caliper (E).
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