Paris Climate Agreement

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With sweeping international support, nearly 200 nations joined together in Paris this week and signed a global climate agreement to take concrete measures to reduce carbon emissions. The deal is being hailed as one that, while not solving the problem of climate change, has laid the foundation to do so. We applaud the work of all of the countries involved and view this Agreement as a major step towards addressing issues critical to the future of our planet. (Click here to read more.)

The Paris Agreement validates the work Bedford 2020 has been doing and serves to inspire as we continue on our mission to address climate change, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and preserve natural resources in Bedford and beyond. To learn more about our programs and our progress to date, please click on the Community Progress Report below or go to
Going forward, Bedford 2020 will continue to engage citizens, government, businesses and financial entities to take action to reduce carbon emissions. In particular, we plan a renewed focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in Bedford and throughout Westchester County. 
We remind all of our supporters that now is a good time to consider supporting our efforts by getting involved with one or more of B2020's community programs or making a donation today

-Your friends at Bedford 2020
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