Happy Father's Day to our Bartlett Dads
Phil, John, Daniel (not pictured),
& David Bartlett pictured with his son, Flynn Bartlett!
Father's Day is this Weekend!
Father's Day is this Sunday and there are lots of different Dads out there. Golf Dads, beach Dads, Dads who drink beer, fishing Dads, grilling Dads, etc. Here's our ultimate shopping guide for your (fill in the blank, here) Dad of honor!
One sure fire gift even the pickiest Dad
loves is a new baseball cap!
Lots of different styles available in store or order online!
Grill Time
Get Dad what he really wants!  We have all the best gadgets, BBQ sauces, rubs, seasonings, AND burgers, steaks, and Dom's meats for the ultimate Sunday cookout!
Tongs, spatulas, grilling gloves, cedar planks... You name it, we carry it.
Pick up a sampler of Rufus Teague BBQ sauces! Check out these great recipes on their website, too!
Skip the Swiss Army knife and get Dad this 10 in One Bartender Tool, the only thing he will need to make the perfect Manhattan, Martini or Margarita!
Treat the beer lover in your life to some wickedly delicious craft beers! Not sure what he likes? Get him a gift certificate so he can pick his own. 
New Hours start 6/13, and We are Celebrating with Ice Cream!
Our Ice Cream Truck
opens June 13th!
Hours will be 11-7pm daily.
 Peter Bopp, an 7th generation Bartlett, will be managing the Truck and we are so excited to taste all the new flavors being provided by Island Kitchen!
From IK...
'Island Kitchen Ice Cream features over 30 delicious and unique flavors of SUPER-PREMIUM ice cream...Charcoal Chocolate Chunk, Banana Cream Pie, and Peanut Butter Cookie Dough just to name a few. We use only the highest quality ingredients in our ice cream which we produce ourselves.
We are excited to be supplying the Bartlett Farm Ice Cream Truck with our delicious Ice Cream!'
Farm Grown Goodness
Currently harvesting
hot house tomatoes
 hydroponic basil 
bok choy
mesclun mix
head lettuce 
organic micro-greens

Look for mint and thyme this weekend,
radishes next week!
Our hand harvested Micro greens
are packed with flavor and nutrients.
Lots of seeding and transplanting going on in the fields! Tomatoes, summer squash, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower were transplanted and protected with row covers.  Potatoes and our much beloved gladiolas have been planted and will make their appearance later this summer.
Our greenhouse cherry tomato crop is covered in flowers, a sure sign of a great harvest to come.
PYO Strawberries starts this Friday!
This Coming Tuesday! 
Join us this coming Tuesday for our third annual Rosé in the Roses! Tickets are almost sold out! Follow this Link for tickets...
FREE Farm Tours have Commenced
A great way to learn about Bartlett's farm, these tours are led by our lovely & talented Farm hand,  Allison!
The walking tours meet weekly in front of the Market at 10 am on Wednesdays through August 5th. They are weather dependent, and will take guests down to the lower greenhouses so close toed shoes are recommended! 
Going Native 
Why Use Native Plants in your Garden?
Native plants are more than “buzzwords”! These plants are better adapted to our climate, soil conditions, as well as more resistant to environmental pathogens and pests. Generally speaking, most deer and rabbit resistant lists contain a large number of native plants, they have adapted over time to become unpalatable to foragers. Native plants, once established, require less water and fertilizer, and are more beneficial for birds, bees, and butterflies. By using Natives you can create a garden of beautiful biodiversity that gives back more than it takes!
Find these green American Beauty pots throughout the garden center all are US natives most are native to the north east coast. If you have questions or would like to learn more about natives and using them in your landscape please stop in a see me in the Garden Center, I am always happy to talk plants.

-Hilary Armour, Garden Center Manager
Big Color & Big Blooms For Your Garden
Now is the time to start thinking about big summer color in your garden. These perennial shrubs will add dramatic color and interest for years to come.
'Black Tower Sambucus' Elderberry-The fantastic burgundy colored foliage on this upright shrub creates a garden spire to behold.
Softly cut edges provide an elegant texture. Bright pink flowers are followed by blackish red berries that provide seasonal forage for wildlife. Deciduous.
'Red Dragon' Contorted filbert or Corkscrew Hazel- It may also be called Harry Lauder's walking stick after the entertainer from Scotland since he sometimes used a twisted walking stick made from this shrub.
The appropriate USDA zones for the contorted filbert are 4-8. Corylus avellanacomes from Europe and western Asia. The 'Contorta' variety comes from a shrub found in England. Plant your contorted filbert in a location that received either full sun or part sun and enjoy years of beautiful red foliage and blooms.
What's Fresh at Fresh Catch!
Joan says, "It's Fluke season!"
Fresh, local Fluke is available at
Nantucket Fresh Catch! They are now open everyday at the Farm, too!
New in Bartlett's Market 
Stock your pantry with these Asian ingredient essentials located by Nantucket Fresh Catch and whip up quick, healthy, delicious meals in no time flat!
Noodle lovers, rejoice! Matcha & Buckwheat Soba noodles have arrived in the Market as well as Udon Katakuriko, or Udon made from potato starch.  Native to Hokkaido, Japan, a mountainous region that receives heavy snowfall is also one of the largest potato producing regions. The starch from the potato flour does not provide much potato flavor, but is necessary to produce the ideal Koshi, or strong texture preferred by most Udon lovers. This versatile noodle can be served hot or cold, in a broth or plain with a dipping sauce.
Our 'Hydro' Bok Choy is packed with sweet, fresh flavor, and so much satisfying crunch!  Chop up with carrots, cabbage, cilantro, and a sweet ginger dressing or stir fry and toss with noodles for a quick bite.
Fish sauce is prized in Southeast Asia. In fact, it's in practically everything. Dipping sauces, curries, pho, ramen, stir-fry, you name it, it's in it. Fish sauce adds a salty, umami-savory flavor, adding depth and complexity to whatever it is added to. 
This fishy ingredient isn't only for Southeast Asian cuisine however, though it is a staple of Thai cooking in particular. It has a versatile nature that chefs have begun to embrace. Barbecue, grilled chicken, sautéed vegetables, pasta sauces, salad dressings, and even Bloody Marys can taste better with a splash of the sauce!

White Shoyu: lighter and sweeter in flavor, white shoyu or soy sauce is a great condiment for dipping sushi and in dishes where soy isn’t the primary flavor. It also comes in handy if you want to add soy sauce to a dish without changing its color..
Yuzu Ponzu Sauce: a classic Japanese citrus sauce that can be used without the addition of soy sauce, but is most commonly served with soy included. It's a great dipping sauce for cold noodles, salads, dumplings, grilled meats and fish, cold sliced meat or fish, or any number of other dishes.
Gochujang: Gochujang is a spicy, slightly sweet, dark red fermented chili paste that has been a staple ingredient in Korean cuisine for hundreds of years.
Try this pungent chili paste by mixing it with a little mayo or even a bit of ketchup to give your regular condiments a bit of a kick. Even adding it to your favorite BBQ sauce will give a deep, interesting flavor that will surprise anyone. Dollop some onto burgers, dogs or as a dipping sauce for  fries. It is especially delicious in chili or stews, as a marinade for chicken or steak, or even as a dressing for salads & noodles. 
Now put those new ingredients to work and click the recipes below for inspiration!
Save the Date for your Flower Tour Today!
Field grown flowers get up close and personal  in our new video, produced by Yellow Productions, which showcased the very best of the Farm last year, our 175th farming on Nantucket. Click the picture to see the whole thing!
Spend an hour out in the flower fields, picking flowers, taking photos, and enjoying the beauty that the farm offers. We provide clippers and direction, you cut bouquets to suit your suit your style. Reservations are required. Meet in front of the market a few minutes before 9 am  so we can head out the field and get picking!
Reservations available on our website!  Click a day above and book early!
Who's Your Farmer? Get to Know our Staff
Asher Fore, Customer Service Supervisor

Another familiar face has returned to the farm, Asher Fore!  Originally from Trenton, New Jersey, Asher and his family moved to Oklahoma where he spent most of his childhood and teenage years.  At the age of 16, Asher moved to Washington, to a town just outside of Seattle.  Asher spent a year at Oregon State University where he studied computer science, he has since decided to take a break from his studies and has been enjoying working on Island. He plans to return to school soon!  Asher has been lucky enough to have Nantucket as part of his life for longer than he can remember.  His earliest memories are being boiled in the waves of 'Sconset beach, laughing the entire time.  Asher joined us in the summer of 2018 as a cashier, and his hard work and excellent customer service skills were quickly noticed.   Every day Asher looks forward to the community feel that Nantucket has to offer.
         “Rich culture, community, & some truly incredible people! The more time I spend working at Bartlett’s the better I have gotten to know and understand this community and the people who make it up”. 
When Asher isn’t at the farm he is at the beach!  He loves swimming in the waves, reading a book, eating a “delicious” homemade sandwich and throwing a Frisbee around. 
“Life just does not get better than that”. 
Fun fact about Asher, he is left handed BUT he is right footed!  Asher is an excellent representative of the Customer Service Department!  He loves to talk, to help customers, and has genuine interactions with his customers.  Welcome home Asher!
Frequent the Farm & Save!
Did you know?- There are lots of ways to save at Bartlett's! Read below for all the of the ways we show our customers love!
Sign Up for our Friend of the Farm Card- Stop by our Customer service desk and fill out a quick sheet to receive our farm friend of the farm card which you can rack up points with each dollar you spend. Spend $500 and get $10 bucks off your groceries! Save them up for a rainy day, or get a fun surprise discount when you least expect it! 
Save a cup & 
save some $$$
Bring your own hot coffee or iced coffee mug or cup and get charged for a small!
(container size must be within reason! No Big Gulps please!)
We don't have one, but TWO cards to
collect for free product!
Buy 10 kombucha refills and receive your eleventh on us!
Same with those delicious breakfast sandwiches! Buy 10 and the next one is FREE!
...don't forget your card so we can punch it!
News from the Registers 
We have changed our paper grocery bags! We will now offer paper grocery bags that do not have handles! Be sure to bring your reusable shopping bags for your heavy shopping days! 
We will still happily accept all recycled bags at the registers.
Save the Date
6.13- Hours Change to 8-7 pm
6.13- Our Ice Cream Truck Opens!

Summer Hours Start on June 13th