What happens when a child in your family gets sick and has to be in a hospital far from your home?

In this interview, Fr. Mike and Mike Kovack talk about the beginnings of Ronald McDonald House.  Forty years ago, Fred Hill and the Philadelphia Eagles knew from personal experience what it means to have a child seriously ill in a hospital far from home. But there is a place that cares for the families of very sick children.  There are 350 Ronald McDonald Houses now which provide services to care for the mental, physical, and emotional needs of the immediate family.

The short term stay of a family there is about 14 days, and the stay could extend as long as 3 to 6 months. The family can have food and shelter and personal support. The only requisites are a sick child and that they live at least an hour away. IF the family can afford it, they ask for $10 a day. Otherwise, the service is free.

Mike Kovack tells some inspiring real life stories of families who have been helped. He also speaks of the rewards of being involved with such a wonderful ministry.
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