What's New on the Farm?
Hooray, seasonal citrus is IN!
Learn more below! 
now available:
blood oranges
cara cara oranges
sweet limes
meyer lemons
Farm Grown is Still Trickling In...
Craving our greens?
Well you're in luck! we are still harvesting kale and should see some turnips arriving in the market soon too! 
Upcoming Farm Talks
Saturday, February 2nd at 11 am in the Market
Saturday, February 16th at 11 am in the Hayloft
Lunch & Dinner Daily!
Hot lunch and salad specials run each weekday,
Monday through Friday from 11-2.
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Lunch specials on WACK FM!
Our daily lunch specials are announced on 97.7 ACK FM at 8:20 AM each weekday so be sure to listen in!
Ribs & Wings on Saturdays
Due to the popularity of chef Chris' scratch made pork ribs, we will be selling them on Saturdays to keep up with demand. Have you tried them yet? Now is the time!
11:30 am - 4 pm 
Half and Whole Racks of Ribs come with Coleslaw
and Cornbread
Chicken Wings are served with Celery Sticks and a side of Blue Cheese Dressing

Call 508.228.9403
to place your order
New Year, New You!
Each week for January and February we are publishing a healthful, veggie-centric recipe in the Dirt and in the Inky for you
and your family to enjoy! Check them out in the 'New Year New You' Section
Purifying the Home with Plants
The winter months are the perfect time to slow down, grow and care for some whimsical air plants and succulents. We have many of each variety for sale at Bartlett's. Follow the links below to learn how to care for these little beauties!

Green plants clean the air & brighten moods but did you know they also help to:
reduce carbon dioxide levels 
Increase humidity 
Reduce levels of certain pollutants,
such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide 
Reduce airborne dust levels 
Keep air temperatures down
"Orphaned"Orchids- These plants are perfectly healthy but need rest before they can bloom again, which is why we are offering them on sale of up to 40% off!

Product Spotlight; STOKES Firestarters
STOKES natural firestarters founder Adam Liszewski, who started his company at age 13!
Adam started making STOKES as holiday gifts when he was eleven years old. Using some saved egg cartons, lint from the dryer and melted candle stubs, he created “egg-nighters”, as they were called by the family. They worked so well that the one year he didn’t make them, his relatives offered him money to make some more. This inspired Adam to experiment with making an even better firestarter. He ultimately substituted the lint with sustainably harvested sawdust he sourced through a friend of the family who owns Pompanoosuc Mills up in East Thetford, Vermont. The final product proved to light quickly, and burn much longer while remaining healthy for you and the environment. All materials are sourced in USA and they are manufactured in Massachusetts.

-text from STOKES website
Gifts on Sale by the Boat Load
75% OFF tons of gift items, clothing, housewares and more! 
We're Hiring!
We need a friendly person who possesses a high level of responsibility and commitment to customer service. This is a great opportunity to become part of our core year-round staff with room for advancement and possibility of a full-time year-round position with benefits.
Fill out the Cashier or Cashier Supervisor on the Employment page at www.bartlettsfarm.com

Daytime Dishwasher/Kitchen Steward 
Hiring dishwasher/Kitchen Steward who will help put away orders, organize inventory as well and doing dishes and prep work. Opportunity for Full-time, Year round with benefits! If you are looking to be part of a fun and amazing kitchen team fill out an application online at www.bartlettsfarm.com
Save the Date
2.2- Indoor plant survival guide with Hilary Armour
2.16- Shin Jin Jyustu with Sheri Perelman​​​​​​​