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Hosted Trip-Casa Viejo Chac, Ascension Bay, Mexico; April 22-29, 2017
The February trip has been full for months.  I currently have a few people committed to another trip in April to Casa Viejo Chac from April 22 to 29.  There are several openings left.  Please take a look a the info below, get in touch with me quickly if you are interested.
Mexico is one of the most affordable destinations today.  This part of Mexico is as safe as any other developing country.  Total cost of the whole trip, including air fare from the East Coast, 6 days fishing, 7 nights lodging, guides, food all inclusive 
is only about $3400.  
Casa Viejo Chac is located in Punta Allen, Mexico approximately five hours south of Cancun.  Ascension Bay is best known for Bonefishing and Permit fishing.  Snook and Tarpon are also available, and a grand slam of all four in a day is a distinct possibility.  Ascension Bay is one of the best places in the world to catch a Permit on fly.  This is clear water sight fishing at its best.
            Bonefish:  Most of the bonefish are 2-3 pounds, but larger ones are regularly caught.  You will have dozens of shots a day and have the opportunity to catch dozens of bones in a day.
            Permit:  This is one of the best places to catch a Permit on fly.  One guest caught three in one day while I was there.
            Snook and Baby Tarpon:  You fish for these fish in the mangrove flats to the South and West of Punta Allen. 
            Barracuda, Sharks, Trigger Fish, Jack Crevalle:  Opportunities also exist to catch these fish on a fly. 
The Lodge: Casa Viejo Chac is one of the most established lodges in Punta Allen.  The rooms are large, with two double beds, air conditioned and have a private bath.  There is a common room on the second floor with pool table, water and a refrigerator.  Punta Allen is a small town where everyone knows everyone.  I walked around the town and felt as safe there as I do on St. Simons.  The owner, Manuel Chac, was born in Punta Allen and has been running the lodge for over 20 years.   Several people I met there were there for three weeks and this was their eighth year in a row of fishing with Manuel
The costs:
Casa Viejo Chac:  $2400  Guides, lodging, Breakfast, Supper and box lunch with water and ice during the fishing trip.
Transfers: $1000, plus tax.  With ten people, the cost will be about $120 Round trip. 
            Airfare:  Expect airfare to run from $350 to $500 roundtrip.  It all depends upon conditions at the time.  We were able to book flights for +- $400 for the trip in February
            Tips:  $250.00 for the guide boat.  $25 for maid service.  $25 for Carlos and people that have been helpful to you all week.  This is for the week.
            Alcohol:  The lodge has beer and a casual bar. Bar prices are reasonable. You are encouraged to purchase premium liquor at the duty free shops.  This cost is completely up to you. 
            Total cost for six days, seven nights approximately $3400.00
Get in touch with me now if you are interested or give me a call at
St. Simons,
Late Fall, Early Winter Report

Fishing this Fall and Early.Winter has been sporadic.  Two named storms brushing St. Simons, Super Moon tides in November, and hot then cold weather, cold fronts and wind have made fishing difficult at times.

However, when we have been out on still days, we have seen the first signs of red fish forming their big winter time schools.  The water is also clearing, especially on neap tides, so we are actually fishing to fish rather than just pushes and wakes on the low tide.  As the water gets clearer, on clear still days, we will be able to successfully hunt the red fish floating in the long grass.  This is fun and challenging fishing.
Trout fishing has been on and off.  Earlier this Fall, trout  fishing was great.  There were a lot of short trout caught, which is unusual, but which bodes well for Spring fishing.  Yesterday I fished hard for trout and never got a bite.  Go Figure.  But that's fishing.

I will continue to target reds on the low tides.  We will try for trout before or after the low tide, but right now, I can't say just how good the trout fishing will be.  Hopefully trout fishing will pick up.  Last December it was off the charts.  Maybe this December it will be as well.

 If you come to St. Simons for a family vacation,  a business meeting or just to hang out, be sure to give me a call so we can go: 
"Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn"

Tight lines, remember to strip strike and practice the double haul,

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This is the back window of my Silver Toyota Tacoma truck.  It is pretty much unmistakable.
If you see me riding around St. Simons or anywhere else, stop me, say hello and let's talk Fly Fishing.