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Dave Shepard
Saturday March 3, 11 am
Join us in the Hayloft for a fascinating slide show! Dave recently returned from a Peace Corp mission to Nepal and will share his slides from this amazing adventure. 
This is Event is FREE!!!
Dreaming of Spring...
Seeds from Renee's Garden and Botanical Interest are in the market!
Bartlett's 175th Anniversary Presents-
Who's Your Farmer? Get to know our staff!

Kat Robinson

Kat Robinson first came to Nantucket to do a baking internship for culinary school.  Before starting at the farm in March 2008, she worked in the bakery at Something Natural.  When she recalled her interview for the farm with MJ Mojer, “She said that she knew deep inside that I was a sweet person, so she took a chance on me.” Kat loves the ability to do and try anything she wants and that creativity is really respected at the farm. When she’s not making M&M cookies or Lime Meringue Cheesecake for customers to devour, she enjoys time spent with music, reading and cooking with friends.

In reflecting on her 10 year anniversary with the farm, Kat had this to say: “… at the end of the day, I've been at Bartlett's for 10 years for a reason. It’s a great place to work, they take really good care of us. And we get to do what we love.

New Products!
Turnip the Beet, Oh Kale Yeah, Give Peas a Chance!
Are you feeling the need to spruce up your kitchen or add a little humor or color?
Kate  has just the things! These cute linens are just a few - come on out and see the rest!  
New Product! 
Gourmet Cheese Cups
A decadent blend of Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, Midnight Moon Goat Gouda, Italian Parmigiano, Pecorino & English Cotswold with Garlic and Chives...

5 Ingredients
5 minutes to make!
New Breakfast Pastry from the Kitchen
You have to ask for this one - it's heated to order
so the arugula won't wilt! 
Fig jam and brie cheese on a puff pastry heated til it's melty,
then topped with arugula.  Oh my. 
From the Photo Vault
The more things change, the more they stay the same!  The farm truck with baskets and boxes of veggies and buckets of flowers has been going to Main St during summers for decades!
Save The Dates
3/10 11 AM and Noon in the Market: Billy Sherry demonstrates
Santa Fe Pork Chili

3/24 11 AM In the Hayloft: Andrew Spollett answers all your questions about growing vegetables, here at the farm or in your own yard.  
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