May 2020
Pest Management Division Updates
The Arizona Department of Agriculture Pest Management Division has an important reminder: Although CEUs and all applicator license renewals have been extended to 7/31/20, Business Licenses still need to be renewed by 5/30/20.
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Important Information About Disinfection Services
A Message from Vince Craig, Associate Director, Arizona Department of Agriculture, Pest Management Division
There is no license category for the use of antimicrobials and disinfectants, nor is there an exam for such products.  While such products may be considered (in the legal sense) a pesticide, they are pretty much the same type of products janitorial and custodial workers use; yet, we do not require them to be licensed.  In fact, there is an exemption in our laws for those who use such products.

Anyone creating a "COVID-19" disinfection service" in Arizona should note that it is not a program that we as an agency have recommended or promoted, anymore than we would of a cleaning company applying disinfectants.

However, because disinfectants are classified by EPA to be pesticides, and because we have primacy over the use of a pesticide in Arizona, we will still enforce the laws as it relates to label instructions.
State of Arizona Executive Order: Prohibiting the Closure of Essential Services
Your AzPPO Board of Directors and the Legislative Committee have been working diligently with the Department of Agriculture to ensure that pest management is considered an essential service. Thank you to those of you who sent letters. Governor Ducey signed the Executive Order prohibiting the closure of essential services on Monday, March 23, 2020.

Governor Doug Ducey, in conjunction with the Director of Health Services for the Division of Emergency Management has ordered essential functions that promote the public health, safety and welfare of the state to continue operating. Critical Trades, inclusive of exterminators, provide services that are necessary to maintain the safety, sanitation, and essential operations of residences and businesses, thus, able to continue to operate.
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2020 Conference Goes Virtual!
Due to extended venue closures, the 2020 Great Western Conference will be a virtual event taking place throughout the month of June. This virtual event is geared toward pest professional business owners, managers, and technicians. The virtual Conference will include the world class training you have come to expect and access to a virtual tradeshow with a variety of vendors.
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Welcome New Joint Members!
AZ Pest Elimination
 Hector Coronado

Essential Pest Management
Corinne Ortiz
Allied Members List: May 2020
AP&G, Rick McDonald,, 901-500-6249
B&G Equipment Company, James Rodriguez,, 678-588-1839
BASF, Kalen Jaworski,, 919-236-9785
Bayer, Jacqueline Bell,, 480-271-4155
Bell Laboratories, Inc., Nick Branca,
Bird Barrier, Michael Gallion,, 310-344-5222
Bird-B-Gone, Inc., Mike Dougherty,, 949-444-3601
Bird-X, Tim Coughlin,, 312-226-8782
Brandenburg, Walter Mendieta,, 314-810-2150
Briostack LLC, Mitch Towner,, 801-739-6919
Catchmaster, Jim Shaver,, 480-760-5874
Central Life Sciences, Blaine Oakeson,, 888-528-8058
Chemtech Supply Inc., Jack McClure,, 480 833 7578
Corteva Agriscience, Les Johnson,, 480-759-9120
Diversified Sales & Marketing, Larry Hiner,, 918-695-6742
Ecoforce Heat Systems, Bryte Goodell,, 480-304-5649
Enterprise Fleet Management, Ashley Workman,, 616-644-8911
FMC Professional Solutions, Alea Pedroza,, 714-833-1911
FreshLime, Natalie Cornu,, 801-406-8666
Geotech Supply, John Woodward,, 916-949-7081
Gervase Law Firm, Lisa Gervase,, 480-515-4801
Kness Mfg, Jesse Henderson,, 641-931-0587
Legacy Administrative Support, Cynthia Chatman,, 602-899-1195
Legal Shield, Cassie Prinke,, 602-999-9643
Liphatech, Vince Romao,, 404-788-0892
Lobster Marketing, Amanda Ramsey,, 888-891-5189
MGK, Matt Kenney,, 559-232-8696
Midway Commercial Vehicles, Phil Cassata,, 602-588-1700
Mike Herrmann Farmers Insurance, Michael Herrmann,, 480-731-6600
Modern Methods, Arthur J. Guzman,, 702-577-6382
NEOGEN, Bryan Bailey,
Nisus Corporation, Jim Sparks,, 801-698-3504
PelGar USA, Gary Brooks,, 610-849-1723
Pest Control Insulation, William Turl,, 770-766-6050
PestRoutes, Amanda Ramsey,, 214-906-2685
PestWest USA, LLC, Mike Goza,, 480-747-2688
Pocomos, Lance Wight,, 801-791-0749
Podium, Maddie Sacco,, 801-822-7616
Rockwell Labs, Ltd., David Newfang,, 818-742-7229
Syngenta, Scott Baldwin,, 480-589-4615
Target Specialty Products, Kurt Smith,, 480-517-0755
Target Specialty Products, Ruth Leo,, 602-284-5191
Target Specialty Products, Salena Rafferty,
Target Specialty Products, Robert Snyder,, 602-284-4003
Termatrac, Rick Wakenigg,, 404-210-5633
The Mahoney Group, Joe Steiner,, 480-214-2746
TPS, David Crandell,, 602-369-6137
Univar, Angie Romero,, 602-317-1187
Univar USA, Inc., Ed Conboy,, 520-747-8717
Univar USA, Inc., Christy Davie,, 480-894-5323
Wilco Distributors, Inc., Blake Hazen,, 805-735-2476
XT-2000, Inc., John Kidwell,, 619-928-8416
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