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February 2019


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  • Very Nervous About Speaking? Turn Up the Energy!
  • The Fundamentals of Spring Training 


February has been a fascinating month in the world of public speaking. First of all, we’re starting to meet presidential candidates for the 2020 election and getting to hear a few present themselves to voters. Kamala Harris impressed us with her energy as she spoke at a Town Hall event, Amy Klobuchar fittingly made her big announcement in the middle of a Minnesota snowstorm, Elizabeth Warren brings an intensity with her whenever she speaks, and CNN’s Chris Cillizza has officially dubbed Cory Booker as “the best, most natural speaker in the race.” In the meantime, Bernie Sanders, who showed an incredible ability to get crowds excited four years ago, has jumped back into the ring, and we’ll look forward to seeing if his message continues to resonate in such a crowded field. And we haven’t even mentioned Kirsten, Julian, Tulsi and Joe!


It has also been award season, and we really enjoyed watching Alicia Keys host the Grammys earlier this month, showing how authenticity plays such an important role in making a connection with an audience. She’s a natural! The Academy Awards, meanwhile, struggled through a host-less ceremony but managed a few notable and moving thank-you speeches, especially from best song-winner Lady Gaga and best actor winner Rami Malek. Both Oscar® winners worked through powerful emotions to deliver heartfelt messages. We also learned that Spike Lee’s grandmother called him Spikey-poo, though he also showed us why reading a speech is never as effective as letting it flow naturally!


Here are links to the blog articles that we posted this month...

Very Nervous About Speaking? Turn Up the Energy!

Everyone feels a little nervous in advance of an important presentation. Some presenters are VERY nervous. But don’t get intimidated when you see other speakers that don’t LOOK nervous on the outside. Instead, try adding energy to the equation to work through the butterflies and get your message out.

The Fundamentals of Spring Training

Baseball season began this month as ballplayers reported to spring training to get ready for this year’s pennant chase. But rather than starting to play games from day one, the early focus was on drills, exercises and going over fundamentals that every player needs to succeed. And that’s a great lesson for presenters on how to prepare for their next big speech—by working on the Fundamentals of Public Speaking.

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