What would you do if God called you to live and work in a ghetto with all that danger? That is what happened to Theresa Gartland.

 Fr. Mike asks Theresa how this came about. She attended Catholic grade school, but it was in high school when she became involved in community service project. There she fell in love working  with children -at-risk in the NE Washington DC area.  

Theresa attended college and majored in political science. But God didn’t leave her alone. She joined a Response Ability project that brought her to LA to work in an inner city parish school.
From there she worked at Verbum Dei, a Jesuit Cristo Rey High School in Watts, Los Angeles.

This young lady never stops!  She tells success stories and reveals why she does what she does. You won’t want to miss Take Charge with Theresa Gartland.  Watch it on: 

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