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Dear --FNAME--,

An inner window is open for me right now and it feels good. My Intuition is heightened.

With awakened Intuition, I sense where to say, "yes" and when to say, "no." Intuition guides me to press forward or to ease off. Intuition tells me when to cross the street to gracefully to avoid a conflict, a distraction, or an energy-drain. My Intuition gives me information to share with others and strengthens my connection to them.

Everyone has access to Intuition. You can confirm this by reflecting on your own direct perceptions of truth (independent of any reasoning process.) Ask anyone and they will confirm that they've had moments of non-inferrential knowing or Intuition. Intuition is deeper than instinct. It is human. It is spiritual. Yet most people don't know how to harness their own "sixth sense."

One entry point to Intuition is the body. You can train yourself to recognize physical sensations associated with it. Intuition is physically accessed as a perception in your bones or a gut knowing. Intuition rears up as emotion in the solar plexus (a convergence of nerves) near the diaphragm, so breathing is influences and is affected by connection to this inner sense. It makes sense that physical movement, including dance and exercise open channels to Intuition.

Additional openers to Intuition are attention, focus, slowing down and being present. Meditation incorporates all of these and if you're already meditating regularly, then you're already cultivating the pathways to Intuition.

Intuition grows stronger the more you listen to it and so receptivity is a key.

Over-thinking is a block to Intuition and so letting go is part of the process.

We have all had to let so much go, Beloveds. I even lost my Mojo for a minute there and it was my Intuition that told me to rest and wait that got me through. My Mojo is back along with my sixth sense and I'm ready to take on the next project--whatever that may be...

Want to re-awaken your inner powers of Intuition and Mojo? Come see us at SWERVE. It's contagious and we're willing to share.


Gillian Alexandria Clark

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