I've gone dark for a while, I know. I dropped off the face of the earth. Put it down to holidays, put it down to an influx of work, put it down to a general malaise... any and all of the above. 

But I'm still here. I've been working on Women At Woodstock 2020 behind the scenes, and I'm going to have news for you soon. So please keep an eye out for an announcement soon! 

I can tell you this right now: There will be great changes to come - in accommodations, in ease of travel to our new location, and in the style and structure of our time together. I'm so excited about how plans are shaping up and I can't wait to tell you about them once I've got the place and the dates secured.

So hang in there - heck, maybe you've been loving the silence anyway. But I'll be getting back to you soon. I look forward to hearing your feedback after I tell you what's in the works. Talk soon!

Warmly and with hopes for a wonderful 2020 for you,
P.S. Meanwhile, apropos of nothing, and solely for your amusement, I thought I'd share one of my favorite mother-daughter photos. It really captures the way that two so closely intertwined people can react so differently to something. This is me with my younger daughter Hannah, sometime and somewhere in the past. Don't remember what I thought was so funny and she thought, was so... what? Also, my grandmother is in this picture. Right there on the right. Meaning me. Yup. That's her face when she laughed.