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Awareness is the Key
Thirty five years of practice of clinical psychology, helped me to discover that without awareness no changes in behavior are possible.

In this post we will discuss how awareness helps us to be present, in the moment  leading to changes in behavior. 
How do you create Awareness?
There are many different ways awareness can be created
  • ​​​​​​​A dancer with years of practice is aware of how each move leads to next to create a powerful impact on the audience.
  • A football player with years of practice is deeply aware of how to reach the goal in spite of hurdles on the way.
  •  An Archer with years of practice is keenly aware of the surroundings and remains focussed to hit the target.

These remarkable achievements are the results of keen awareness that crated their ability to be present in the moment.
However, it took patience, persistence and years of practice
to attain that level of achievement.
For  example, this required many change they had to make in their lives, such as setting priorties to find time to practice day in day out,

An Easier Way to Create Awareness
within 66 days
I discovered that when I taught Mindfulness Meditation to my patients and coaching clients they were able to create keen awareness in about two months of practice.

This awareness helped patients with emotional issues to make changes in their outlook and behavior and reach their goal of health and fruitful living.

The coaching clients reported more energy for sustained action, more focused attention in  their performance,
a sense of well being and ability to make informed decisions.

I describe the Mindful Meditation technique in the Meditation Chapter of my book:
From Change to Transformation & Beyond

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