2020 Sustaining Grant Awards
Photo:  Haymarket and Partners 2019 Grantee Gathering @ The Cathedral Church of St. Paul —138 Tremont Street, Boston MA
Now is Not A Time For Business As Usual
When COVID-19 began to impact our communities in the middle of our 2019-2020 Sustaining Grant Cycle, Haymarket staff and Funding Panel decided that the most important thing we could do was speed up our grant review process, and get resources to groups on the ground doing grassroots anti-racist organizing as soon as possible. 

Our grant awards are typically announced in June, but because of the commitment and work of Haymarket’s New England Funding Panel, we are happy to announce that we have awarded $411,500 to 56 groups across New England. This includes 10 new groups and increased funding for 45 previous grantees. 

Click here to see a list of our 2020 Sustaining Grantees.

In the last week, we have also awarded  11 Urgent Response Grants to groups who are on the ground providing support and relief to their communities.  We continue to receive and review applications daily. Haymarket’s Board and Funding Panel realize that this crisis will evolve and change, and so will communities’ work and response. That is why we are committed to putting more resources into providing Urgent Response support as needed.

If the COVID numbers and statistics of the disparities amongst people of color affected by this virus is not a clear indication that racism has deeply affected communities of color, then we don’t know what is. COVID-19 has amplified what we have been fighting against for decades. We know our communities cannot depend on the government to save us, as we have clearly seen with this administration’s handling of this public health crisis. Our communities have once again put their lives on the line to sustain and support their family members and the community at large. Providing food, shelter, and basic necessities, organizing against ICE preying on migrant communities when they are most vulnerable, rallying to release prisoners who are most at risk of contracting and dying from this virus and fighting against the government who has used this tragic crisis to steal land and displace the native community. 

Haymarket has always funded groups led by those who are most impacted, those who are on the front line organizing against racial, economic, and social injustices in their communities and working to create systemic change.  We have always seen the importance of providing general operating support, and now more than ever, that is what groups need. These have also been core to Haymarket’s funding principles, and they are now more critical than ever.  This is why Haymarket has joined other foundations in signing
The Council on Foundation Funders Pledge Action.  It is essential that foundations do not stop or delay in funding groups at this time.   

Haymarket is committed to continuing to work directly with our grantees to give us direction in the support and resources they need.

Please continue to support the work of Haymarket Grantees across New England by making a contribution that is meaningful to you!
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