Just in time to help you complete your Christmas list, or your Christmas shopping, we have fleece leggings!  In a variety of colors, these leggings are lined with fleece to keep you warm on these winter days, and nights, that have arrived.  Perfect alone at $13 or paired with another fleece color, or regular style legging, at 2 for $25.  Hurry in!  The weather has changed and they're very popular!
Blue Q bags and Socks
Funny business at The Cube

We've carried their recycled bags, but now we have their hilarious socks too. In women's and men's styles, you can find a saying for just about anyone, and any situation!  Plus, not only are you smiling because your socks are so clever, Blue Q donates 1% of every sale to Doctors Without Boarders, which makes you happy too!
Holiday Bath Bomb Gift Set
Perfect Gift Set under $20

Our Holiday Bath Bomb gift set is a wonderful gift idea for Holiday shoppers.  Three Holiday scents, Santa's Forest, Yuletide, and Cranberry Pomegranate, to keep you in the spirit of the season.  Plus, it's already wrapped!​​​​​​​

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