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Retrofit Success
Custom Solution for Plastics Plant
Plastics plant replaces positioners with the VAC D400 to improve reliability and reduce down time on critical thermal fluid valves. Our distributor provided this end user with Retrofit Kits to replace troublesome positioners on Control valves in 662 °F thermal oil service. The kits included the Fail Freeze D400 Positioner, mounting kit, pneumatic lockup valve, pre-fabricated stainless flex hoses, and all required hardware. This single part number solution simplified the retrofit process for the technician. They received everything they needed in one box ordered with one part number! Ask VAC or your distributor for a custom solution for your positioner requirement today.
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VAC Positioner Training
October Class Graduates
Last month we wrapped up our last training class of 2018. We've had a blast all year with the classes and are already making plans for 2019! To all those who have joined us this year: THANK YOU! We enjoyed sharing knowledge of our product and look forward to growing with you in the coming year. 

From left to right: Neil Bossard (CICC), Jason Desautels (CICC), Josh Stead (CICC), Diana Russell (Process Supply), Nick Thorpe (DeZurik), Scott Deyoung (CPI Controls), Joel Anderson (DeZurik), Reese Holford (Technology Support Limited), Ashley Bryars (Consolidated Pipe).  
Tech Tip
Reversing Positioner
We regularly receive calls from customers asking us how to reverse the action of the positioner. Follow the simple three-step process below to achieve reversing the action on your positioner.
For this Tech Tip, the positioner was originally set to 4mA closed and 20mA.

Step 1: Swap tubing of C+ and C- ports. 
Step 2: Change the Cam Configuration: Remove cover and loosen cam nut. Take cam out and flip it to the opposite side. Place cam back in the positioner making sure it is on the correct lobe. Do not tighten cam nut.
Step 3: Stroke Actuator to 4mA Position: 1) Apply supply air to the positioner. At 4mA input all the supply is directed out of the C- port to the actuator.  2) Tighten the cam nut. 3) The positioner is now set to operate from 4mA open to 20mA closed. 

Click here for more technical quick help on other topics such as troubleshooting V100 and V200 positioners, D400 push-button instructions, and V200 feedback installation. 


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