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Want to promote your Mother's Day flowers?
GARDEN DESIGN Magazine to highlight Slowflowers.com and local flowers 
Click here to see an example from GD's blog ►
The above shows a Garden Design blog post with content we provided from Slow Flowers speakers at San Francisco Flower & Garden Show in March 2016.
Garden Design asks Slowflowers.com 
for Mother's Day Floral Images & Ideas

Your Slow Flowers Membership helps pay for outreach and public relations efforts to position Slowflowers.com as a content resource for print and digital media outlets.

For their Mother's Day Blog Post, Garden Design Magazine has asked us to gather images of what our members are creating and offering flower-giving customers. 

Above you'll see a good example from Local Color Flowers in Baltimore featuring a Vintage Mason Jar filled with flowers and foliage for $35.
Here's another beautiful example from First & Bloom in the Seattle Area. 
$34.95 - $94.95
Delight and dazzle with a fresh bouquet of 100% American grown blooms wrapped in genuine biodegradable paper and fashioned with a charming bow.  All bouquets easily settle into your favorite container at home or office. Making you look like a champion American and OH-SO thoughtful!
HERE'S WHAT TO DO: Send us your photo(s) of Mother's Day offerings by Friday, April 29th at 5 p.m.
We'll include them in a package for Garden Design to choose from.
Send to: Debra@slowflowers.com
Please include:
1. Photo(s)
2. Description of design, floral elements or packaging such as wrap/vase
3. Price
4. Delivery options (local, shipped, pickup only, etc)