July 12, 2016
People Over Pipelines March &
On Spectacle Pond - Both This Week!

The big People Over Pipelines march is just a couple of days away! 
From July 14 to 18, hundreds of people will walk 43 miles along the route of Spectra’s proposed gas pipelines and onward to the Massachusetts State House. Not everyone can walk 43 miles over four days - which is why we’re asking you to join us for the home stretch! 13394134_1039393399482320_692543297082530366_n-1

Join the People Over Pipelines march on the afternoon of Sunday, July 17 as we walk the final miles through downtown Boston to the State House! For details and to RSVP, click here. Or, join us on the morning of Monday, July 18 as we bring our march into the building and make our voices heard! For details and to RSVP, click here.

A 2-town happening this Saturday, July 16, 2016


On Saturday, July 16, 2016 a celebration of solidarity will take place in two locations in the Berkshires, with a focus on Kinder Morgan’s Connecticut Pipeline Expansion project, all the more important now that the 401 Water Quality Certificate has been issued by Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection, opening another door toward the approval of the CT. Expansion.

The one-hour kick-off rally begins at 12 noon at the Great Barrington Gazebo behind the Town Hall on Main Street. Come see the amazing Beth Fairservis and “The World We Love, A Celebration of Interdependence” featuring the Pachamama Puppets Children’s Theatre troupe. Listen to great local musicians David Grover, Bonner McAlister, and Barbara & Graham Dean. Pipeline activist Jane Winn of the Berkshire Environmental Action Team and Conservationist Cathy Kristofferson, among others, will provide updated information on the CT. pipeline expansion.

The action then moves to Lower Spectacle Pond / Otis State Forest, in Sandisfield, on Cold Spring Road, with a Solidarity Celebration from 2:00-4:00. Western Mass. musicians Kate O’Connor, Steve Adams & Ben Grosscup will perform. Susan Theberge of Climate Action Now and Rose Wessel of No Fracked Gas in Mass are among the speakers. Learn about Will Elwell’s Thoreau Cabin Pipeline Barricade built in Ashfield.

A colorful flotilla will be featured on the pond. Canoeists and kayakers are welcome to arrive at Lower Spectacle Pond anytime after 12 noon. The formal launch & photo opportunity on the pond takes place at about 3:00 PM. Bring banners & signs, tee shirts & hats. Take a stand (float your boat) for this treasured gem threatened by Kinder Morgan.

The Great Barrington / Sandisfield actions draw attention to the interconnection of important environmental sites in the Berkshires and across the state. A live telephone link will make a Berkshires-to-Boston connection with the “People Over Pipelines March” (July 14-18) in eastern Massachusetts.

The public is invited to these free family-friendly events. Where else could you find a giant dragon on Saturday afternoon but in Great Barrington, and maybe even at Lower Spectacle Pond?   Save
From Mass Power Forward
Senate Passes Energy Bill -
Pick up the Phone for Clean Power!

We are so close to something truly historic. Recently, the Senate passed S2400, its version of the energy omnibus bill, setting the stage for conference committee negotiations with the House to send a final bill to the governor. Though the House Bill, H4385, was a solid starting point, the Senate bill significantly improves the House’s version in a few key ways:
    •    It increases the amount of offshore wind energy that utility companies must purchase from 1200 megawatts to 2000 megawatts
    •    It doubles the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), the rate at which utility companies must increasingly buy from renewable energy sources
    •    It outright BANS the pipeline tax from being used against ratepayers by the Department of Public Utilities.
    •    It provides for the decommissioning of the Pilgrim nuclear power plant.

We need these provisions. They are essential to securing the clean energy future for which we have been fighting for so long.  

The House and Senate have named to a conference committee which will negotiate the two bills:
- Senator Ben Downing
- Senator Marc Pacheco
- Senator Bruce Tarr
- Representative Brian Dempsey
- Representative Tom Golden
- Representative Brad Jones

Can you call your representative and ask them to speak to Speaker Deleo and the conferees about standing up for these priorities, especially if your representative signed the Kulik-Jones letter? This is their last chance to push their leadership and stand up for what they believe in.  

If our House delegation needs pushing, our Senate leaders need support to remain strong in negotiations. Can you call your senator and ask them to speak with Senator Downing and the other conferees about standing firm on the Senate’s hard-won priorities?

As we said, we are so close to something truly historic. But we need every last bit of effort we can muster to win.  

Now is the time to stand up and make your voice heard. Please join us in doing so!

Below is a phone script you can use, distribute, or adapt to your own needs! There's a linked version here.

Dear Representative/Senator:
Thank you for working to advance comprehensive energy legislation, H4377 and S2400. I am calling to ask you to push for a strong final clean energy bill. Here are my priorities regarding the legislation:
1) I oppose the “pipeline tax,” and urge you to protect ratepayers and our environment by prohibiting subsidies for new gas pipelines, as the Senate has done.
2) I support provisions within the House energy bill which would require the repair of all gas leaks during road projects (including “grade 3” or non-hazardous leaks), and support provisions within the Senate energy bill related to collective bargaining for these repairs.
3) I support procurement of 2000 megawatts of offshore wind. I am pleased both chambers have chosen to support offshore wind, and urge you to go big!
4) I support decommissioning planning and financing for Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant.
5) I support accelerating the Renewable Portfolio Standard to 2% per year to grow local, clean energy.

Please contact legislative leadership to ask them to include these policies in the final bill.
Senate President - Sen. Stan Rosenberg
Speaker of the House - Rep. Paul DeLeo

House Switchboard: (617) 722-2000
Senate Switchboard: (617) 722-1276

Committee member emails:

~ Emily, Claire and Joel, Mass Power Forward
Right now, donations to PLAN-NE go three times as far!

From Katy:
We are holding Kinder Morgan and Spectra's feet to the fire, and we are asking for your help today!  We have a two-for-one challenge grant on the table -- every $5 we raise by August 1st, up to $5,000, will be matched with $10 dollars, to help with legal challenges to these two pipeline companies' plans.

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Defeating the Pipelines!
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We'll still be here, fighting the CT Expansion pipeline and aiding other communities fighting AIM, Access Northeast, Constitution and others, and keeping an eye out for possible resurrection of NED or another restructured project. We'll also still be working with PLAN-NE, Mass Power Forward and other organizations to help ensure bold steps away from fossil fuel dependency continue and grow!

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