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Issue 2 Volume 6 July 2009
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 Coaching Comments and Their Messages  Tom Turner
By Dr. Tom Turner, Ohio State North Director of Coaching

Much of what players hear from the sidelines reinforces "fear-soccer" and moves them farther away from the playing habits that will help them grow as intelligent soccer players. There are some simple and obvious reasons why so many players never developed the competence to enjoy the game and play into adulthood. Read Article
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 Brian GottaWhat Happened to Playing?
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

There's a funny saying, "If you ever yearn for the "good old days," turn off the air-conditioning." And it is true that we live in a time when technology, advances in medicine, and modern conveniences have made us more comfortable than ever. But if there is one thing from the past I do yearn for, it is the days when kids played games outside together. Read Article
Soccer in the Sand
Soccer in the Sand
Enjoy all the thrills and competition of regular soccer in a fun and unique beach setting. Events for all ages. Go to to learn more. 
 Parents & SportsmanshipDarrell Burnett
By Dr. Darrell Burnett, Certified Sports Psychologist

Pick up a sports page and you get a stark picture of the world of competitive sports - corporate sponsorship, fierce competition and a win-at-any-cost mentality. For decades, recreational youth sports has been the beacon of hope for maintaining the purity of sport, where unsportsmanlike conduct has been the rare exception. Read Article