... and did you know happy water buffalo produce the best cheese! Watch the video below to find out more.


Brian and Courtney Foley's buffalo live completely stress-free grazing on Riverine Ranch right beside the Musconetcong River, thanks to humane, environmentally friendly practices that allow the animals to live and eat as nature intended. The result? A delicious, high-butterfat milk, churned into some of the region’s best mozzarella, yogurt and ice cream.


Riverine Ranch is one of a growing number of certified “river-friendly” food producers in the region. The river-friendly program reflects a larger movement underway across the Delaware River basin to protect drinking water and wildlife habitat for future generations.


From the beginning of the Foleys’ farming career in 2010, they set out to create a high quality product that did not negatively impact the surrounding water and land around them.To  help them achieve this our partners at the North Jersey Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) stepped in with funding and expertise to support their goal. The Council worked with the Foleys to reduce the amount of farming byproducts washing into the Musconetcong. The Foleys also learned where to plant trees and native grasses on the farm’s riverbanks that slow and filter storm water. These best practices earned the Riverine Ranch a “River-Friendly Farm” certification--an official moniker that the Foleys can use on their products to demonstrate their commitment to local water health. 

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The New Jersey Highlands Coalition is a partner in the Delaware River Watershed Initiative (DRWI), a William Penn Foundation sponsored initiative working across four states to protect one source of clean water - the Delaware River. In northern New Jersey, the Initiative is active in the Highlands and the Ridge & Valley regions, restoring water quality in several tributaries to the Delaware and promoting a watershed ethic in the communities through which they flow.


Together we all have an opportunity to ensure clean water for generations.