Join us THIS SUNDAY for a great family event and fundraiser!

As an added bonus, registered runners will receive a 20% coupon to the farm the day of the race!
Stop by this Saturday from 3:30 to 5:00 to register!
Welcome Fall
Farm grown decorative pumpkins and gourds have arrived from the fields and now fill the Garden Center along side lush blooming mums, ornamental cabbage, & fall grasses. Our gorgeous Fall planters are just perfect for a quick and easy seasonal makeover for your porch. 
Fall Planters!
Check out these sweet, versatile fall pots, hardy enough for the deck but small enough for indoor decoration
New Fall Menu from the Kitchen
Come check out what's new from the kitchen!
Available in the Lunch Box:
Roasted Butternut Squash & Tomato Sauce
Caramelized Onion & Ricotta Lasagna
Grilled Chicken & Butternut Tomato Penne
Beef Stroganoff
Cranberry Chicken Salad
Brussels Sprouts & Bacon Rotini
Butternut Crouton Salad
New Dressings- apple cider vinaigrette, sage vinaigrette
Ribs & Wings are BACK!
11 am - 6 pm every Sunday and whenever the Patriots play!

Half and Whole Racks of Ribs come with Coleslaw
and Cornbread
Chicken Wings are served with Celery Sticks and a side of Blue Cheese Dressing

Call 508.228.9403
to place your order this weekend!
Farm Grown Fall Harvest
Farm Grown Potatoes are here! 
Our potatoes are out of this world! Certified organic varieties like "Russian Banana Fingerlings" and the gorgeously speckled "Pinto Fingerlings". 
Winter Squash is IN! Butternut, Amber Cup, Acorn, Delicata... all of
your favorites!
An Apple a Day!
Carlson Orchards Apples have arrived! 
Heirlooms too!
Carlson Orchard's apples are plentiful in the Market.  Not sure which to use for baking versus eating? Just ask MJ, our market manager.  She is a wealth of knowledge on these regional beauties!
For Your Seasonal Table
Fall is all about colorful displays of pumpkins, gourds, & cranberries. Pair cozy, natural textures with clean white porcelain,  handmade ceramic ware, and rustic tin & wooden baskets from our gift department.  
Calling All Pumpkin Pickers...
Guess the weight of your pumpkin
and it's yours FREE!
•         Pick your pumpkin. One Pumpkin, one guess
•         Tell the cashier your official guess
•         Place the pumpkin on the scale
you must guess your pumpkins weight within 1/10th of a 1 lb. For pumpkins 30 lbs or more you must be within 1 lb 
•         Winners receive their pumpkin for free and get their name on the wall of fame!
Time to Plant Bulbs!
It's Bulb Planting Time!
Just because the weather has begun to turn cooler, it doesn't mean it's time to stop gardening - on the contrary,
it's time to start planning for spring bloom by planting bulbs!
Planting bulbs is the best way to extend the bloom life of your garden.
While most perennials do not start blooming until late April, most bulbs begin blooming in early March, adding almost a whole month and a half of bloom time to your garden!

There are many different types of bulbs available for planting. Things to consider when purchasing bulbs are: bloom time, site location, and drainage.

Bulbs like Crocus and Galanthus (snowdrops) are some of the earliest spring blooming bulbs and will appear in your garden even when there is a little snow on the ground. Daffodil bulbs will start to bloom in mid to late March and will continue to bloom until the end of May depending on the variety. Daffodil and Tulip bulbs bloom time may be listed as early, mid or late spring on the package. Purchasing and planting bulbs from each of the bloom times will give you the longest show of color in your garden.

Bulbs should be planted in a sunny, well-drained location. Don't overlook a spot that seems shady in the fall. Remember that deciduous trees (trees that have leaves and not needles) will drop their leaves in the fall and not leaf out again until late spring allowing enough sun for bulbs to grow and bloom.

Bulbs should be planted pointy side up- You might be able to see roots on the bottom side of the bulb. If you really can't tell which end is up, don't worry about it, the bulb will figure it out on its own.

Bulbs should be planted at a depth of 2 to 3 times their diameter. For Daffodils that's about 6-8 inches below the soil. Smaller bulbs like Crocus should be planted to a depth of approximately 3-4 inches.

At planting, mixing some Espoma Bulb-Tone in the soil will help to encourage root growth. You can also use Superphosphate or bone meal but be aware!
If you have a dog do not use bone meal as most dogs will smell the bone meal and dig up your newly planted bulbs.

Water your bulbs after planting to settle the loose dirt around the bulb and then sit back, relax, and have some hot cocoa while you are waiting for spring.
Last Call for Veggie Grams
With summer's bounty dwindling, our much loved Veggie-Gram gift baskets will too. Send this great gift to a loved one sooner than later for big smiles!
Need to say thank you to your hosts for a great stay? We deliver baskets on Island!
Lots of great gear and gift baskets available on our website! Click this link to see the goods!
25% OFF Clothing 
25% OFF Clothing!
 Hats, T-Shirts, Blankets, Everything!
WE NEED YOU! To Join Our Team
We need Cashiers and Stockers through
 the end of the year or full time year round!  
Meat and Cheese Stocker FTYR

General stocker seasonal
Cashier FTYR
Cashier seasonal

Visit our Facebook Jobs page or click here to apply directly for the job you want. We look forward to hearing from you!
Bring Us Your Bags for
Instant Good Karma
Karma aside, reusing bags is still a great way to reduce waste, so bring us those lightly used brown bags rather than sending them to the landfill.
Mother nature thanks you!
Save the Dates
Join us for our 11th Annual Ladies Night!
Each year, the funds that we raise go to local charities.
 All proceeds this year will be going to Small Friends on Nantucket.  Small Friends on Nantucket is a non-profit that seeks to enhance the quality of life for families and meet the needs of working parents by providing the highest quality early education and care for the children of Nantucket year-round.
Please join us as we celebrate friendship and kick off the holiday season with tremendous vendors, great food, auctions and live music!
Sept. 28-Oct. 6-Nantucket Arts Festival

9/29- Nantucket Island Run for Recovery 5k

Sept. 30-Oct. 6-Fall Restaurant Week

October 5- A Walk for A Safe Place, Inc.

October 12- Cranberry Festival  

October 13- Nantucket Half-Marathon

October 18-20- Nantucket Grown Food Festival 

October 31st- Annual Halloween Parade