Greedy Wall Street billionaire Philip Murphy already spent $12 million to buy the election. Lisa McCormick is waging a people-powered campaign to stop him.

Phil Murphy is Wall Street.
Lisa McCormick is one of us!
With just 16,000 donations at an average of $27 each, Lisa will qualify for public matching funds, and we will defeat Wall Street's assault on our democracy! 
Phil Murphy is spending millions pumping out a poll-driven, blow dried message telling voters exactly what they want to hear, but it is not the truth. He loves New Jersey so much, the Boston native sends three of his four kids to school in Massachusetts.  He says he "owes the political insiders nothing" but he already paid them $1½ million, including $90,000 he gave to Republicans. His effort to buy the election makes a mockery of democracy and threatens to destroy our right to vote.

Lisa McCormick protested 'too big to fail' banks. She has a plan to cut property taxes in half and expand free public education from pre-K to college. She knocked on doors for Barack Obama & Bernie Sanders, and although she has never held elected office she is a proven vote getter who earned 47% against a popular incumbent county clerk in 2010.

A volunteer with and the Occupy movement, Lisa McCormick is one of us.