Dear Suzuki families,

I write today to update you on Suzuki School of Newton's policies and procedures regarding the situation with the Covid-19 Virus. We continue to monitor and are aware that decisions are being made almost hourly.

As of Monday, March 16th we are holding all music instruction for the Music School ONLINE. Some teachers who have this capability are starting virtual lessons as of today.

We are working on the technical details of this for group classes and musicianship, probably using ZOOM. Please look into your access to a device with video and microphone capabilities and await further details about how to log into your classes and lessons.

In addition, we have made the difficult decision to cancel all performances for the immediate future. This includes the Violin Graduations, the Advanced Piano Recital, our benefit Playathon at the Chestnut Hill Mall, and the April solo recitals. We know that our performances are immense motivation for our students and thus we did not make this decision lightly. We are exploring ways in which we can share individual performances through electronic sharing such as Youtube unlisted postings, and

a closed Facebook group.

We continue to maintain our vigilance regarding disinfecting our doorknobs, pianos, keyboards, handrails and frequently touched surfaces including tables and desks and switches through Saturday, March 14th. We urge your students to wash their hands with soap prior to lessons and immediately after lessons as additional measures. Please use the supplies provided and continue to urge resisting touching face and eyes as much as possible.

As you know, this situation is fluid and you can expect ongoing communication to keep you informed of changes as they arise. You may also stay abreast of current information by checking the Newton Health and Human Services Department website at

Please consult the recommendations of the CDC here:

We are following the local public schools and state health officials' recommendations closely. Through Saturday, we continue to offer instruction for music at the school. Please continue to use prudent judgment to stay home when not feeling well, and we

are advising our faculty and staff to be equally vigilant in self-quarantine and in sanitizing protocol. Healthy children are considered generally to be lower risk for severe symptoms.

We are doing our best in making this decision to balance between providing meaningful and excellent musical training for your students with the health concerns that the situation with the Covid-19 virus present. Being responsible and not bringing groups of people into a common location is a responsible approach and we appreciate your understanding with this measure. We are looking forward to a turnaround to this situation.

Thank you for your understanding, support, and flexibility.

Sachiko Isihara

Executive Director

Suzuki School of Newton
1615 Beacon Street
Waban, MA 02468
617.964.4522 |