Legislative Update

Senate File 359 Prohibiting certain actions regarding fetal body parts passed out of the Senate and will now go to the House for consideration.  The bill states: “A person shall not knowingly acquire, provide, receive, otherwise transfer, or use a fetal body part in this state, regardless of whether the acquisition, provision, receipt, transfer, or use is for valuable consideration.”

This bill is especially important given what we know based on the videos produced recently by the Center for Medical Progress and the complete disregard for human life and the profit made from their precious innocent little bodies.

Thank you Senator Chapman for passing this important legislation through the Senate.  Please contact your Representatives in the House and encourage them to also pass this so we can move it to the Governor’s desk and make this the law in Iowa.  

Contact Your Representative

Senate File 471- the 20-week bill has passed out of the Senate and will now go the House for consideration. IFL supports the idea of a 20-week bill, however, this bill has added a fetal anomaly amendment which is unacceptable.  This would allow the abortion where the child in the womb has been diagnosed with a condition that may cause her death in utero or, if she is born alive, will result in her death or the need for life sustaining procedures for the rest of her life.

There are two reasons for our concern regarding this exception:

  1. The fetal anomaly provision is a mistaken response to the sad and rare stories we have heard. Each of them involves a mother whose child was going to die naturally, and a tragedy is supposed to lie in her inability to have it torn painfully apart sooner as a solution to the problem. The provision presupposes that the suffering of an afflicted and dying child is worse than what she would experience being aborted. But the 20 week thresh-hold is based on the baby’s ability to feel pain. The exception would replace the tragic, natural death of an unborn child with a horrendous death by abortion. Most lethal conditions in utero can be reliably diagnosed well before 20 weeks. More and more care centers are recognizing the value in caring for these lethal conditions with perinatal hospice.
  2. A competent adult may certainly decline procedures that burden a dying person. But killing that person is illegal. Under Iowa law, direct euthanasia is murder, and assisted suicide is a felony. Nowhere has the legislature expressed approval for killing a child who is dying. The fetal anomaly provision would specifically sanction that.  

IFL firmly rejects the fetal anomaly provision and urges its removal before the bill is further considered. 

Rally for Life - Are you coming?

March 30th will be an important day at the Iowa State Capitol.  We want to make a statement to our legislators that many, many people across the state of Iowa care about life issues and we expect them to get the job done!  They need to hear and understand that this is THE issue of our time and we cannot stand idle any longer while innocent human lives are being snuffed out each day in our state.  We need you to do 4 things:

  1. Come; your presence is needed!
  2. Share the attached flyer on social media and with your friends/family/church.
  3. Bring a pair of baby shoes!  Our display will be powerful to show how many lives are gone each year in our state.
  4. The Pro-Life Movement needs leadership from our legislators; please use the drafted letters below to send an email to Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds, House Speaker Upmeyer, and Senate Leader Bill Dix.  We need them to know that we want them present and we want them to lead us in the charge forward to equal protection and equal rights under the law for ALL human beings born or unborn!

Lt. Gov. Reynolds,

I would like to encourage you, as future governor and a well-known pro-life advocate, to participate in the March 30 Rally for Life at the Iowa Capitol.

We believe it's important for Iowa's young women to have positive examples of prominent women leading in the defense of human life.

Your participation in the rally would also demonstrate that the pro-life cause, far from an "attack on women," transcends gender politics as an affirmation of the value of all life.

Thank you for your consideration,


Speaker Upmeyer,

I would like to encourage you, as a prominent leader in Iowa's Legislature, to participate in the March 30 Rally for Life at the Iowa Capitol.

I believe it's important for Iowa's young women to have positive examples of prominent women leading in the defense of human life.

Thank you for your consideration,



Sen. Dix,

I would like to encourage you to discuss with the Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders your participation in the March 30 Rally for Life at the Iowa Capitol, and how to get significant legislation passed on Life issues

It is our earnest hope that working with the coalition, we can make the rally a celebration of pro-life legislation advancing under Republican leadership. We invite you to help us make that message a reality.

Thank for your consideration,


Where will you see IFL:

Iowa Catholic Radio Men’s Conference March 25
Rally for Life at the Iowa State Capitol March 30
Council of Catholic Women Convention April 1
Iowa Knights of Columbus State Convention April 7
Iowans for LIFE continues to need your financial support.  Please consider a donation today.  We are working hard to build a culture of life in the state of Iowa and that takes financial resources.  Please help us continue our life saving mission.
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