October 11, 2019



Crucial Hearing This Tuesday! (10/15/19)
1:00PM in Room A-1
in the State House, Boston

TUE Committee will hear H.2812 - Rep. Natalie Blais’ version of the Kulik/Eldridge “DPU Reform Bill” that 100 members of the House signed on in support of last session (a version of the bill passed in the Senate omnibus bill last session, but TUE sent the stand-alone bill to study).

Charlie Baker has repeatedly made the public statement for over a year now that “his hands are tied, it’s a federal matter”, but the truth is, other states like New York and New Jersey have managed to stop interstate pipeline projects under FERC perview at the state permitting level. If this bill had already been in place, key contracts could have been stopped at the Mass DPU.

• The Weymouth compressor station fight could have been avoided if the DPU had
  denied Eversource its contract with Enbridge (then Spectra).

• The ongoing TGP fight in the Greater Springfield area would have been avoided if
  the DPU had denied Columbia Gas its contract with TGP.

• TGP/Kinder Morgan’s NED would have faded away much sooner if the DPU
  hadn’t approved every single contract that came its way.

• The West Roxbury Lateral/Spectra AIM project hinged on DPU-approved
  contracts as well.

H.2812 primarily focuses on the DPU's role as gatekeeper to interstate gas infrastructure projects.

This proposed legislation would accomplish the following:
Allow for more involvement from impacted communities and ratepayers in
  DPU proceedings
• Protect ratepayers against self-dealing by energy conglomerates
• Require consideration of siting impacts and detailed alternative analysis,
  including protections to conservation lands
• Require competitive bidding for low/zero emissions non-gas energy solutions prior
  to seeking approval of contracts for gas infrastructure expansion
• Prohibit DPU approval of contracts for gas infrastructure expansion when the gas utility
  seeking expansion is the subject of an ongoing investigation by the National Transpor-
  tation Safety Board
• Codify the August 2016 ruling by the Supreme Judicial Court, which found that a
  proposal by the DPU violated the 1997 Restructuring Act and put consumers at risk
• Protect landowners from avoidable intrusion by pipeline companies


If you can't make it to Boston on Tuesday (or even if you can), call your representative to urge them to attend the hearing and/or support this bill.

Not sure who your Legislators are or how to contact them?
» Punch in your address here to find them!

Show Your Support for the People of Weymouth
Tweet to the Governor and the DEP from YOUR town, saying #NoWeymouthCompressor

From Nathan Phillips:
Do this in front of your town/city hall or any suitable place. Then post your selfie on social media, tagging @MassGovernor, @MassDEP, @FRRACS_MA & add #NoWeymouthCompressor. You’ll have joined us!
This is an easy way to dip your toe in a direct action; send a strong message that will be seen by the governor and Mass DEP.
Let the folks at FRRACS know that ALL of MA has their backs!

Please share this call to action with friends in other towns!

Other ways you can help!
Thanks 350 MA, Better Future Project for these handy notes

Make three calls to stop the compressor. Do this immediately and make a huge impact. Call these three numbers:
- Governor Baker at 617-725-4005
- DEP Commissioner Martin Suuberg at 617-292-5536
- EEA Sec. Theoharides at 617-626-1000

Ask these three questions:
    •    How can construction begin without the proper permits?
    •    How can construction begin on contaminated land without the final
         Release Abatement Measure plan?
    •    How can construction begin without the promised safety and risk evaluation reports

Don't let Governor Baker ignore this issue! Baker needs to be publicly shamed for not stopping the Weymouth Compressor, no matter where in the state he shows up.
» Sign up to bird dog Gov. Baker

» This Sign is and easy, ready-made way to get the message across, whether for the social media campaign or for quick bird-dogging opportunities. Print some out, keep 'em handy!

Pledge to take action. With construction slated to begin the first of November, the time to act against the Weymouth Compressor Station is now. Pledge to take action to stop the Weymouth Compressor Station now! Even if you can't be on site, there are many ways you can help.

Together, we can stop this project.

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