Volume 8, Issue 7
July, 2015
Greetings from CoachDeck!

Get those fall seasons and coaches meetings off to a great start! Make sure every parent-volunteer coach has a CoachDeck so that when they show up at practice straight from work they can quickly form an effective practice "on-the-fly"!

In this issue:
Rick Meana, comes through with another terrific piece explaining how we should approach the youngest players in our organizations. Brian Gotta wonders if we shouldn't all work more as a team in youth sports. And, if you only read one article on parenting your young athletes this year, it needs to be John O'Sullivan's How to Raise a Lion Chaser below. You'll be so glad you did.

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Formations and Positions - Not for U6-U8 Play
By Rick Meana

Children at this age do not understand, do not have the capacity to grasp the concept of "functionality." They don't understand that the pieces make up the pie as a whole. They only can understand that pieces exist, but don't understand how they contribute to the make-up of the whole. Read Article
What Are We Doing to Our Volunteers?
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

Last month's issue of OnDeck seems to have struck a few nerves. Larry Cicchiello's article written by an umpire who listened to a coach berate him after a close call brought a response from an individual who has been volunteering to umpire youth baseball games for years.  His story will make you shake your head at the state of youth sports. Read Article

"Every team manager ought to have the Team Ice Pack with them at each game and practice."

How to Raise a Lion Chaser!
By John O’Sullivan

“Coach, I don’t want to take a penalty shot,” said a very nervous 13 year-old player of mine a few years back. “I’ll take it,” said her teammate Rachel, with a look of determination on her face. I smiled. The player who backed out of shooting was a great player, but not always for the big occasion. Her teammate who volunteered was also very good, but I smiled because she had actually MISSED the deciding penalty kick a year earlier at the same stage of the competition. Yet here she was, unfazed. Of course I let her take the kick (and if you want to know what happened, read on). Read Article