Email Delivery

Dear Trusted Administrator:

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

The Trusted Coaches team has reviewed and performed an audit on our Internet Protocol address (IP address) to make sure that all emails sent through our email service provider is reaching the intended recipient. Through further research we have found that it would be in our best interest to switch our IP address. Other contributing factors that affect email delivery can range from bad email input, spam filters, and end user errors. 

As part of our continued commitment to customer services, earlier this week we upgraded our IP service.  We will continue to monitor this to ensure all intended recipients are receiving email invites/notifications from Trusted Coaches. If you feel that some of your coaches have not received their invitations from Trusted Coaches, please resend the invite, or have them contact us directly.   You can also ask them to check their spam filters and to look for emails that came from  

Our team is ready to help, contact us at:  

We always strive to enhance our user experience and this switch will greatly improve any unnecessary issues related to email delivery in the future.  

Trusted Coaches Team