Jan. 24, 2021

As reported in our last newsletter, the climate bill has already been re-filed in the legislature. We need to press our legislators to quickly pass the same Next-Generation Roadmap bill again, without amendments and, if necessary, to override Governor Baker’s veto.

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from 350 MA - Better Future Project

Press the MA legislature to pass the
Next-Gen Roadmap Climate Bill (again!) by January 29th

Governor Charlie Baker vetoed the Next-Generation Roadmap Climate Bill. Among other excuses, his reasons—and our responses—include:
    •    The bill would halt new construction of affordable housing. In reality, energy efficient homes cost the same or less than those using gas, save money over time, and improve health by reducing indoor pollution. Baker’s stance is supported by the real estate lobby, but opposed by advocates for affordable housing.
    •    The bill is too ambitious in seeking 50 percent reduction in climate pollution by 2030; he prefers a goal of 45 percent reduction, and less frequent monitoring of progress made. As the climate crisis intensifies, the Commonwealth’s actions need to be more aggressive, not less.
    •    He complained about the Roadmap’s new Stretch Building Codes for clean energy, even though they are featured in his own plan.
    •    The bill is weak on environmental justice. Actually, the Roadmap bill is a good start on justice issues, and environmental justice advocates are united in their support.
    •    The Roadmap bill does not address climate resilience. This is accurate, but not a justification for vetoing an otherwise substantial and beneficial bill. Climate groups stand ready to work with the Governor on climate resilience funding.

The climate bill has already been re-filed in the legislature. Sign the petition to press the legislature to quickly pass the same Next-Generation Roadmap bill again, without amendments, and, if necessary, to override Governor Baker’s veto.

Peaking Power Plants Green Drinks Presentation
January 19, 2021

These high cost, high emissions power plants come online only when we use more energy than usually available on the grid. Despite running less than 5% of the time (some less than 1% of the time), these three plants in Berkshire Country produce some of the highest emissions of CO2e, NOx and other harmful pollution in out region. Come learn why we're working to shut down Peaker plants in Berkshire Co. and beyond.

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Referred to during the Putting Peakers in the Past Green Drinks, incentives are available for businesses in Massachusetts through the Mass Save program. Demand response not only helps shave peak energy use, but can pay off in energy savings, rate reduction and incentives for business and industry customers.

» View here

Homeowners, Renters, Landlords - This Program's for YOU!
MASS SAVE Extends 100% Off Qualifying Insulation for Moderate Income Customers

Fill out the Online Home Energy Assessment at MassSave.com/OHEA

Or if you're a Small Business owner, call
Whether you rent or own your business location, you'll want to save money!

If you find it's taking a while to hear back from the Mass Save program,you can also check
our EE-Pittsfield site to find the names of some
of the Home Performance Contractors who can help get you started.

As always, we're happy to help!

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