July 13, 2017
Weekly Story
From now to August 3rd, we will share a short story in every Newsletter that you can in turn share with your children as a way to build faith conversations at home! 
On a sunny Saturday in July, Lauren and her family went to the playground. There was not a cloud in sight as she ran to the sandbox with her favorite toy, a big, yellow bucket. Halfway through making a sand castle, her friend George joined her. Lauren and George were best friends. They had known each other since forever and lived right next door to one another. “Hey George, wanna help me build my castle?” Lauren asked.

“Yeah! Can I be the knight and defend the castle?” George replied.

“Sure! And I’ll be the dragon trying to burn the castle down.” Lauren smiled as she handed George a shovel and they worked on creating a great big sandcastle. They created a moat and a bridge leading to giant, sandy doors. The castle was a big rectangle with four tall towers in each corner. Along the roof were little sandy spikes, telling any dragon or monster to stay away. As George and Lauren were putting the finishing touches on their castle, they heard a familiar voice.

“Oh no” George sighed, “What is he doing here?” Lauren looked behind her at Henry, the meanest boy at their school, and his mean friend, Noah.
“Ignore them George, let’s just keep building the castle.” Lauren looked away and started making tiny windows as Henry and Noah started walking towards them.
“Well, well, well. Look what we have here.” Henry snickered to Noah.
“Looks like a couple of losers if you ask me,” Noah laughed.
Lauren sighed, “My dog knows better insults than those,” she whispered to George as she tried to hold in a laugh.
Henry frowned as he noticed his insults had no effect on them. He realized he would just have to make them sad another way. Taking a step toward George, Henry grabbed his shovel and held it above the castle, ready to smash it.
“No!” George shouted, “Don’t!” Henry smirked as he brought the shovel closer to the castle. Lauren knew she had to do something. She remembered a lesson they were taught at Sunday School, and wondered, what would Jesus do right now? Lauren stood up, dusting sand off her palms.

What do you think Lauren will do? If you were faced with a bully in this situation, what would you do? To find out what Lauren did, be sure to tune in next week!
School Supply Giveaway!
10 years ago, some of the kids from the Food Pantry started asking for notebooks, pens, etc as the school season approached. Advent got together and collected tons of supplies to hand out to kids in need! This great tradition will continue for the rest of July, and your donations can be left in the back of the sanctuary. On Monday, August 7 supplies will be handed out to the children.
Accepted Supplies: Backpacks, pencils, composition notebooks, pens, spiral notebooks, filler paper, glue sticks, pocket folders, 3-ring binders, rulers, calculators, erasers, pencil sharpeners, pencil boxes/cases
Annual Congregational Retreat this August
Road trip to Koinonia! Damaris is excited to go on the retreat because "my most memorable conversations and strongest friendships have happened during the retreat." She loves getting her kids to know more people in the congregation, the fresh air, lake, and bonfires.

Enjoy the weekend of August 4-6 in picturesque landscapes while spending time with people who love you as you are. There are boats, goats, campfires, s'mores, hikes, early morning coffee, late-night board games and even more. Sit by the lake reading your book or chatting with a new friend. Spend a night with Advent. Gain a spiritual experience beyond Advent's walls and the New York City buzz. Experience God in nature. We want you there because we know how much you will love it.

We'd love to have you with us. Learn more about travel, costs, housing, programming, and registration on our website.
Register Online
Pinecrest Summer Camp
We're pining for Pinecrest. Registration is open for Pinecrest Lutheran Leadership Camp! This Lutheran summer camp inspires young adults in their leadership and faith formation. From August 13-20, come to camp to meet new people, enjoy games, and explore faith. Ages 15-25 welcome. 

One Pinecrest camper, CarolAnn from Our Saviors Church, "fell in love with it". She has formed some of her best friendships there and grown in her faith through those relationships. "It's an amazing, unique place -- a place I wish everyone could experience." We invite you to experience Pinecrest this summer like CarolAnn did.

Registration forms can be found here.
Summer Suppers
With Summer Suppers in full swing, we want to make sure everyone is signed up. Summer Suppers is a celebration of community and all are welcome, the old and the young, Spanish speakers and English speakers, the seeker and the faith-filled. Whatever your level of comfort or experience with another language, it is a place to learn and understand God safely in your community.

Come as you are to Summer Suppers and experience a meal and laid back service that will fill you up (literally and figuratively). At Summer Suppers you don't need to bring forth your faith, it comes and sweeps you away. At Advent there aren't many opportunities that make us totally united, but Summer Suppers brings every age and language to engage fully together.

Summer Suppers will run Wednesdays from July 12 to August 16. Be sure to stop by one night, 4:30pm for Toddler Time, and 5:30 pm for the meal. 

You can view the full schedule and register online on our website, or pick up a registration form on the back table in the sanctuary.
ELCA Youth Gathering
The 2018 National Youth gathering Financial Aid applications are opening up this Saturday, July 15! Talk to Kevin to know more information. You can reach him at kevin@adventnyc.org.
2504 Broadway at 93rd Street New York, New York 10025  |  Phone: 212.665.2504