“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” 
― Maya Angelou

There's no time like the present to tap into that well of creativity! 
Come join us for a brand new semester of learning and fun! 
All classes start the week of September 5th and we have a place for everyone and every skill level. 
Happy September!
15% off new students registering for any of our
7 week September semester classes!!

And in our gallery 20% off all handmade boxes!
The Scholar
Alexander Pushkin, copy of statue in St Petersburg and Moscow
Zev the Wolf

A Potters Tale
I was walking past the Potter's Wheel, a studio in my neighborhood I had passed numerous times. As a Fine Arts major, I loved to draw and paint. During my youth, my dream was to have a comic strip of my own.
Once again, I found myself staring at the exquisite pottery on display in the window; hand designed vases, whimsical pieces of every color, shape, and variety.
I could never do this, I told myself.
Something, though, pushed me through the door.  I was pleasantly greeted, and stuttered that I was curious about classes.
Grace Anker, the owner showed me around. To my left and right, all around, there was wonderful work being done.  A class was in session.  I noticed some sculpture.  Walking closer to view, I looked on in amazement at these lifelike pieces of work.
I could never do this! Grace, and others said, oh yes, I could.  Sure, what did they know! Take one class, it was suggested. Give it a try. I took a deep breath and signed up for that single class.
That was 2 1/2 years ago. From basic hand-building, I slowly worked my way, and developed my own style. I was beginning to learn, not just with the help of my teacher, but also because of all the wonderful and gifted people around me. 
I have not only enjoyed my time there, but have proudly created numerous pieces, and along the way made numerous friends.  Friends whom I intend to keep for a lifetime.  
-Graham Diamond
New to Ceramics?
Thinking about rekindling your past experience?
Now is the perfect time to sign up and 
get your hands dirty!
Pick any one of our three options. Join us for a 3-week introduction course , a full 7-week semester, or come and try a 1-hour one-on-one class. 

Our new semester of classes start the week of Sept 5th!
**SPECIAL: 15% off new students registering for
any of our 7 week September semester classes!!


Silver Jewelry Students:
Take it to the Next Level
Our 4- part Designer Class
is for you!
We'll teach you to create your own personal style using journaling to identify your unique vision. The course is developed over a four week period and will introduce you to several tools which will enable you to set up your own jewelry line of finished piece(s) ready-to-wear jewelry. 
Course includes: all tools for use. PMC clay is available for purchase.
Jewelry findings will also be available. Space is limited to 6 students in each class.
Designer Class – Cost $225
4 part Class Schedule:
Sept 10, 17, 24 & Oct 1
Sept 12, 19, 26 & Oct 3
Don't wait! Classes fill up quickly.
Call to register or to be added to our waiting list.  718–441–6614
Throw A Clay Party!
Gather up your best friends and family for a casual, fun and creative experience!
We offer events for both adults and children in large or small groups. 
Our professional pottery instructors will guide you on your mud-filled journey as you create great memories & ceramics!
Reservations are required and food and beverage may be brought in or we can arrange for pizza and wine. 
At the end of the party you'll have a work of pottery made by your hands to keep and treasure. Your glazed and finished ceramic piece will be available for pickup within three weeks.
Prices start at $50 per person, all included. We can accommodate up to 16 people.  
For more pricing and scheduling information please call 718-441-6614
Fall Craft Fair
Our talented Thursday hand building teacher, Margaret Wozniak, is exhibiting her wonderful work again. Don't miss her booth at Crafts at Lyndhurst up in Tarrytown, NY. It's always a fun show and a great way to spend a fall day. 
Crafts at Lyndhurst - Tarrytown, NY
Sept 15, 16, & 17 2017
Sheila Blunt
Our dear friend and fellow potter Sheila Blunt creates the most unusual pots- playing with positive and negative space using unique carvings and surprising additions.
This month she will be very busy exhibiting and selling her work in 2 separate juried shows. That means you'll have two opportunities to go and see some incredible pottery!

17th Annual Garden City South Street Fair
267 Nassau Blvd, Garden City South, NY 11530
Sunday, September 17, 2017
Fair Hours: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Rockville Centre Library Friends Craft & Gift Show
Rockville Centre Public Library, Lower Level
                                                         Saturday, September 23, 2017
                                                         Fair Hours: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Come by and visit The Potters Wheel at
Richmond Hill Block Association 44th Annual Park Fair
We will be exhibiting & selling some of our fine artist's work, handing out discounts and best of all- we'll have a kid's clay corner set up with clay for your family to come play with!!
This is a such a great family day that brings all our neighbors from Richmond Hill, Kew Gardens, Forest Hills and Woodhaven together in celebration!
Saturday Sept 16th 10am-6pm
Forest Park-Myrtle Ave & Park Lane South
Kew Gardens Community Art Day 
Flo Kaczorowski and Mike Simollari -Two of our great resident potters- are setting up booths to sell their creations. 
Stop by and say hello! Maybe pick up one of Mike's perfect mugs or Flo's wonderful woodfired vases or teapots. 
The Potters Wheel will also be 'taking it to the streets' that day. You'll see us outside our studio (120-33 83rd Ave) greeting you all with live wheel demonstrations and a sidewalk sale!
The Kew Gardens Art Day is always a ton of fun for everyone! We hope to see you there!
Sunday Sept 17th 11:00am-5pm
This artist's pottery videos are hypnotizing
With just a lump of clay and some handy work, Eric Landon racks up thousands of views on Instagram.
Landon, a pottery artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is the man behind hypnotizing videos showing how he creates pots, vases and a host of other works of art.
He said he was hesitant at first about uploading his artistic process to the internet, but eventually he said his brother convinced him it was a good idea.
photo links to video
“I’m not so fond of new types of technologies, but I thought why not give it a go,” Landon told ABC News.
All Landon said he uses to film his work in his studio is an iPhone and a piece he made to hold the phone. Since he started posting videos on his Instagram account they have taken off. Fans have left comments like “I could watch this all day” and “This is so satisfying.”
“When I started these videos my intention was to really put a beautiful light on this craft that I've been doing for years and years,” Landon said. “Suddenly, we have audiences of a couple hundred thousand people.”
“Instagram has definitely given ceramics a visibility that they didn't have before,” he added.
Landon’s focus is on his work -- and one of his pieces can sell for thousands of dollars -- but some of his 700,000 Instagram followers have taken notice of the potter himself. The Huffington Post wrote, “We could watch this sexy ceramicist play with clay all day, every day.”
“It comes with the territory,” Landon said, laughing. “Taking on this role as maybe a little sex symbol is a little of -- it's kind of new for me, it's not something they train for at the design school.”
But in the end, he said it all adds to the artistry.
“I think today people don't just fall in love with art or with ceramics they fall in love with the people that create these things,” he said. “And Instagram is a good way to show the things that inspire us.”
How to Apply Gold Leaf to Pottery
Gold Leafing, or mechanical surface gilding, is a technique of bonding thin sheets of pure or nearly pure gold to a surface. The gold leaf itself is an interesting material to work with and may redefine your concepts of the word thin. Each sheet of gold leaf is only 1/10,000 of a millimeter thick — or put another way, a stack of 10,000 sheets of gold leaf would have the thickness of a dime! Gold leaf is sold by the book, and a book contains 25 leaves. The standard size for a gold leaf is 3 3/8" x 3 3/8". A book will cover about 1 1/2 square feet. There are two types of books sold, transfer and loose. Transfer books have the leaf attached to a piece of white tissue making it easier to handle if it is windy or if precise overlapping of the leaves is called for. Loose books have each leaf separated from the others by a page of saffron coloured tissue paper. I prefer the loose books. The kind I use is 23 or 24 karat, and is made by a company in Florence called Giusto Manetti, which has been in the gold leaf business since the early 1800s.
Mechanical surface gilding involves the use of a special adhesive called gold size. Gold size is a viscous liquid made of 50% nonvolatile ingredients like phenolic resin, ester gum, tung oil and linseed oil, plus 50% volatile ingredients like turpentine. There are two types of gold size. The standard, which is ready for gilding after 10-12 hours, and the quick dry, which is ready for gilding after 1-3 hours depending on temperature and humidity. I prefer the quick dry. An even coat of gold size is brushed onto the surface and allowed to begin drying.
Successful gold leafing is knowing exactly when the size has dried to the correct tack (degree of stickiness) and is ready for the leaf. To test tack readiness, touch the surface with your knuckle and listen for a slight tick sound as you pull it away from the surface. The size should be dry enough that it is no longer in a liquid state, but still sticky to the touch. The key to getting a rich, gold surface is to apply the leaf when the size has just the right amount of tack. If it is applied too soon the size will force its way into the leaf and give it a mushy look. If it is applied too late the leaf will not adhere properly. With a bit of experience you'll get a feel for the timing. It usually takes at least an hour for the quick dry type size to reach tack readiness. It will adhere best to glazes and surfaces that have a very slight texture or tooth, like a matte glaze. The surface must be free of dust and grease.
The application of the gold leaf should be done in a calm atmosphere — both the room and yourself! The slightest draft in the room, even your own breath, will send the fragile leaf flying. Traditionally, the leaf is transferred out of the book and onto the surface with a gilding brush. This is a soft, broad brush made of camel hair or sable. You stroke the brush through your hair a few times to give it a static charge and then the brush is held over the gold leaf. The leaf will jump up to the brush because of the static charge and it can then be lifted to the prepared surface and smoothed into place with the brush. A good quality artist brush can substitute for the more expensive gilding brushes. I prefer to lift and move the leaves with two pairs of tweezers and then use a brush to smooth the gold leaf onto the surface.
A day or two after the gold has been applied, the size will be thoroughly dry and the gold can be gently burnished with a cotton ball or piece of plush velvet. This will bring out the true luster and brilliance of the gold. Because the gold leaf is so thin, its colour is affected to some extent by the colour of the background surface. I usually apply at least two layers of gold to get a deep, rich colour. The second layer is applied a day after the first.
Other metallic leafs are available such as silver and variegated compositions. Silver leaf will tarnish so aluminum leaf is often used when a silvery look is needed. Aluminum does not have the warm look of sterling, but it is inexpensive and will not tarnish.
Gold leaf supplies may be found in a very well stocked art supply store, but you are more likely to find supplies at a sign painter supply business since it is sign painters who use gold leaf on a regular basis. Prices vary, but a book of loose gold leaf would typically be about $50.
Gold leaf is very durable — its main commercial uses are for outdoor signs and truck lettering, but I would not recommend it for pottery that will be used in an oven or dishwasher, since these environments may affect the bond of the gold size. It is especially effective on the outer surfaces of jars, vases, teapots and such. It has a rich, lustrous depth to its appearance that is different from gold luster which is painted on and refired.
Give it a try!