Our Fall Exhibition Schedule Begins!
We are thinking of every way to safely gather and celebrate our painters' exhibitions this fall. Due to restrictions, we will be requiring (and providing) masks during the receptions and we will not be serving our usual delicious refreshments, but our September opening reception is set to be an in person event with both artists in attendance! Jill and Kim will be taking private appointments from 10-6 on Saturday 9/19; please schedule a time at your earliest convenience if you are interested. We will be operating at a limited capacity from 6:30-9 at the
reception but, the works will be installed and ready to view on Friday the
18th at 10am, so feel free to drop by any time to view the show.
Jill Basham & Kim VanDerHoek
From Above
Opening: September 18th 6:30-9pm

An introduction by Peter Trippi of Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine
"From Above. As exhibition titles go, this one is refreshingly straightforward. Jill
Basham and Kim VanDerHoek have been busy looking down on the world from
lofty vantages, and the results are as impressive as we might have expected. Both
of these talented artists are playing at the top of their game, demonstrating that
they keep evolving without wandering too far from the strong suits for which
they are already admired.

Both say they love to sit by the window while flying, and it shows. Though only
some of these paintings capture airborne views, they all make me a little blue
because I have not flown anywhere—hardly traveled at all—since March 2020
when our world shifted. I love to fly, so I completely “get” Basham and VanDerHoek’s
passion for watching the world glide by 35,000 feet below. I still don’t
understand exactly how commercial jets take off and land, but I remain grateful
for what they give us—not only opportunities to visit other places, but also to
marvel at the miracle that Earth is. Before the 20th century, even the most intrepid
explorer did not enjoy the privileges we take for granted: to see the world in
all its beauty and banality, to grasp how the natural and the manmade converge,
to realize how simultaneously powerful and fragile this planet is.

Even when they are “just” perched on a hillside looking over a city, valley, or
plain, Basham and VanDerHoek bring us to a higher place. Sure, they deftly
capture the humidity, coloring, and mood of the scene, but it’s more than that:
bypassing the descriptive and photographic, each somehow conveys the feelings
the vista has triggered, certainly in the artist and very likely in the viewer. This
is armchair travel in the best sense—not a flip through National Geographic, but
an invitation to experience that rush of awe we feel when we find a striking view.
It’s a mix of “wow” and “oh, now I see how this place connects to that place.”
Getting that mix right – in paint, no less – isn’t easy, and so I congratulate
Basham and VanDerHoek on nailing it so very well."

- Peter Trippi, Editor-in-Chief, Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, New York

The opening reception will take place 6:30-9 that evening and is tentatively scheduled to be in-person with both artists in attendance! The works will be on display though October 12th.
Kim VanDerHoek City of Bridges 24x24, oil on panel
VanDerHoek To Fly Toward a Secret Sky
40x30, oil on panel
VanDerHoek Where All the Veils Fall
40x30, oil on panel
Jill Basham All that Glitters 40x30, oil on linen
Jill Basham Serenity 10x10, oil on linen
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Gilbert Gorski
Solo Exhibition Opening: October 16th
Pianissimo 24x28, oil on linen
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Carlos Morago
Solo Exhibition Opening: November 13th
Puerta Negra 20x20, oil on wood
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Elizabeth Floyd Morning with Bonnard 12x16, oil on canvas
Trish Coonrod 2 Cherries 6x6, oil on aluminum
Trish Coonrod Cherry 5x7, oil on canvas
Larry Preston Dandelions in a Jar
12x12, oil on panel
Larry Preston Pear in a Bag
8x8, oil on aluminum panel
Joseph Zbukvic Across the Seine
15x10, watercolor on paper
Joseph Zbukvic Along the Seine
21x14, watercolor on paper
Joseph Zbukvic In the Mounting Yard 21x14, watercolor on paper
Joseph Zbukvoc Boat Repair 10x14, watercolor on paper
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Christine Lashley & Kyle Stuckey
On Display Now
Christine Lashley Lowcountry 36x48, oil on linen
Kyle Stuckey Paris Cafe 24x30, oil on linen
 International Guild of Realism 
15th Annual Juried Exhibition
Opening: October 2nd 5-8pm
Jeff George The Last Day of May 18x24, colored pencil
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