with Sister Dianne Bergant, CSA

Sr. Dianne returns and discusses the three themes that Pope Francis writes about in Laudato Si, namely, Anthropocentrism (human control), Interconnectedness, and Interdependence. 

In this program, Sister explores the “misguided” or “radical” anthropocentrism that the Holy Father names. She uses the Biblical Tradition, namely the book of Job, to illustrate this.

Though we often speak of the patience of Job, Sr. Dianne shows that Job is only patient in 2 or 3 chapters and the rest of the time, he is very impatient and questions God. Using examples from nature and animals, Sister Dianne shows that humans have limitations. There are some things that we can’t control; some things that we can’t understand…just as Job never knows why he suffers. The issue is: Can Job accept the fact that he is limited?

This Biblical Professor ends with the questions: Where is fulfillment found? Do we trust God?

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