Mark Your Calendar
We have less than four weeks left in the year to raise
enough money to meet our budget and take advantage
of the matching gift opportunity made available
by New Jersey's gubernatorial financing program.
This is a critical week for us — we need $3 or $27
or $75 from you to meet our goal.
January x, xxxx
Let's all do our part to hit our $27,000 target this week.
When we reach $430,000 in donations, the state will give us $2 for every $1 raised from voters like you! That takes 16,000 contributions of $27!
Won't you help make Lisa the first to qualify for public funding in the campaign for the 2017 Democratic nomination?
Lisa McCormick is fighting to stop corruption, pay-to-play contracts, excessive money in politics & rigged voting systems. She would cut property taxes in half, make education and health care basic human rights, and fix the problem of unsolved crime.