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Master Gap Wax
You asked for it, we made it! By popular demand, Freeman has formulated Master Gap Wax, a soft wax that quickly and easily fills gaps in sheet wax at room temperature. This wax applies much smoother and faster than clay and cleans up quickly. Apply with a spatula and remove excess with a plastic scraper in one pass! 
For further details and resources such as TDS and SDS, check out the webpage or contact your local technical representative for samples.

Tapping Wax
Save yourself time and effort by using Tapping Wax. Designed to make cleanup after tapping threads faster and easier, simply place a Tapping Wax stick in the drilled hole after reaming, and tap. The wax will collect the debris, eliminating the hassle of cleaning out compacted metal shavings.
For further details and resources such as TDS and SDS, check out the webpage or contact your local technical representative for samples.

Die Making Mallets
We are constantly improving and expanding our product lines for diemakers and converters. We're excited to feature our current offering of mallets necessary for diemaking!
Our Rawhide Mallets, constructed from the finest materials and manufactured in the USA, are currently available in 1-3/4”, 2”, and 2-3/4” diameters and supplied with energy-absorbing foam grips for added comfort and grip. Freeman is the sole provider of a long handle/head version for safety and ease of use! Its 4-3/4" length head – compared to the traditional 3-1/2” – along with the longer handle provides a additional level of safety and makes for a longer lasting product.

Our heavy-duty Elastomer Mallets are constructed with advanced elastomer resin for durability and toughness. These mallets are currently available in 2” and 2-3/4” diameters and are also supplied with foam grips for comfort and grip.

Make sure to check out our website or contact your technical representative for more details or samples!


DIY Corner

Silicone Coloring Pastes - Offer Extended!
When creating parts or finished products, do you take advantage of the exceptional detail abilities of silicone but find yourself limited by the available color choices? Look no further! Freeman now offers Silicone Coloring Pastes perfect for making any color you need, available on our main website or Miapoxy.com for direct ordering capabilities. Use these pastes with V-345, RTV-3044 and RTV-3040. For more information or details, contact your local technical representative!

Carbon Fiber & Kevlar® Fabrics - Offer Extended!

Need the strength of Carbon Fiber or Kevlar® for creating composite parts? We offer a full line of fabrics for a variety of applications. Take advantage of our overstock sale on Miapoxy.com to stock up. The 20% discount can be used in conjunction with our quantity discount pricing – if you buy more, you'll save more! This offer is valid on our 5 oz. Kevlar 4HS6K Carbon Fiber 5HS and 6K Carbon Fiber 2x2 Twill

                 Technical Q & A
We feature technical questions in every issue, but if you have questions of your own, our technical support staff is available during normal business hours. Just call (800) 321-8511 (option 5).

Q: Can I still use your Wood Glues if the material has frozen?
A: Our Freeman White and Gold Wood Glues, as well as our Master White Wood Glue, are water based and will freeze at temperatures below 30°F. These glues can withstand five freeze and thaw cycles. They may separate or thicken, but should revert to normal functionality after returning them to room temperature and mixing thoroughly. If the glue remains clumpy, resembles cottage cheese, or won't mix thoroughly, then it will not be usable.
Q: Can I use a solvent to thin an Epoxy Surface Coat in order to spray it?
A: It is never recommended to use solvent for thinning epoxy resins. Using a solvent will greatly reduce the compressive strength of the epoxy and can cause swelling or cracking of the epoxy due to expansion of the solvent during curing. Epoxy resin may be thinned through the application of heat but be aware that doing this will shorten the work time.
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