Join us for Shabbat and shmoozing before and after the service
Welcoming Shabbat together

You are welcome to join us for a pre-neg tonight, Shabbat services, and a Zoom-neg after services.  Rabbi Stanway will leave the room open after services and host the room and will be there to greet you when you come in at least 15 minutes before service.  We can share and schmooze and tell stories, have the service and then, afterwards, Rabbi Stanway will keep the room open for at least another 15 minutes.  Good way to connect and reconnect with your Beth Miriam family each week.  Service begins at 7:30 in Room 589-198-4173 p/w 181818 and the pre-neg at 7:15 and Zoom-neg right after the service.  Everyone is absolutely most welcome
My Jewish Story
New: Welcome ClaraGee Ziment

The My Jewish Story is Temple Beth Miriam's project in getting to know the Jewish stories of our congregants. In this episode, long-time member Clara Gee Ziment shares with us her childhood in Piqua, Ohio, her art and her deep connection to our temple.  To hear the interview, click on the picture to the right or use this link.
Update on Services
Keep an eye on the website 

The temple is being very cautious in the midst of this pandemic.  Though it will end relatively soon, we are still playing it safe.  That is why we will focus on online services and programs for the time being until we are together again.  Watch the temple website regularly at for updates and information.