Christ is Born

There is no way to say thank you individually to all of you that are such an amazing part of our ministry. A very merry Christmas and all of the blessings of His Presence to you.

Through your prayers and partnership we can follow God's call to share the real Christmas message to Unleash the Hope around the globe.

"The people who walk in darkness will see a great light; those who live in a dark land, the light will shine on them."

Isaiah saw it and prophesied in
Isaiah 9:2.

Matthew experienced it and wrote Matt 4:16.
May the light of the Christmas season overflow to you and your family.


My prayer for Christmas this year is Unwrap Jesus in my life- He is the greatest gift of all. The video production needs lots of work, but just wanted to share this song that God gave me over a decade ago with my close friends-
May God UNWRAP HIS love through our gifts of kindness and compassion throughout the year. He gave so much to come to be Emmanuel-God with us.


The people who walk in darkness will see a great light; those who
live in a dark land,
the light will shine on them

Is 9:2

Isaiah saw the light & prophesied, Matthew experienced the light & testified in Matt 4. Still today, the center of the Christmas message, prophetically and in reality, is that Light came into darkness.


As we celebrate Christmas pray for the people of Aleppo in their darkness. As we witness the scenes of rubble and death in Syria today, remember that over 2,000 years ago, submitting to a madman in a treacherous trip to Bethlehem and later fleeing the cruel tyrant, Herod, Joseph and Mary knew what it was to be a refugee. Please pray for the refugees in dire need as Aleppo has fallen.

On that night 2000 years ago, the mood in Israel was not unlike America in 2016. Disillusionment ruled the day. God had not spoken to Israel for over 400 years. They suffered brutal oppression and were now living under the thumb of Rome. The world wasn’t getting any better and there were no signs of hope. Then, on a seemingly ordinary, rather dreary Bethlehem night, God shattered the darkness of this world. He launched the most powerful covert operation in history.

At its core, Christmas seems a collection of contradictions. From the womb of a peasant girl, came a child that many called illegitimate, Born on a grueling journey at the command of a power hungry ruler.  How could God send the one true King in the person of a defenseless baby?

Just as we watch the political wrangling in Washington DC, they saw Caesar Augustus, who led Rome in the tumultuous years following the assassination of his great-uncle and adoptive father Julius Caesar. Shrewdly mixing military might, institution-building and lawmaking, he became Rome's sole ruler, but he was not King of ALL!

At Caesar's command, Joseph and Mary found themselves victims of a senseless census-- homeless, wandering in the darkness of their own home town with no place to stay. Like so many things in the Christmas story, we tend to romanticize this. I think, in many ways, we miss the raw, powerful truth that the stable was dark, smelly, cold & damp. God incarnate arrived on the dirt floor of a filthy stable. Into the darkness came the light.

Meanwhile, in the halls of religion, doctrine was debated and the Pentateuch, prophets and holy writ were studied as the debaters of the age argued nuances of dogma. The veil over their eyes allowed them to see the prophetic evidence of Messiah, but left them in darkness, blind to reality that Messiah was less than 50 miles away. 

This good news was not first embraced by presidents, priests, or kings. Not in political halls of power. Not by religion’s hierarchy, intellectual aristocrats, or the culturally elite. Instead it came to common shepherds, the bottom rung of the social order as the Father intentionally crafted this story of universal, unconditional love!

So in Luke 2, in the obscurity of a lonely hillside, we meet shepherds tending their flocks. Light shatters the darkness and the Angel declares: "Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom His favor rests."

The hillside and the sky was filled with the royal choir of Heaven, angels announcing the glorious entrance of God into the world.


Pray for the Chi Alpha
World Mission Summit

Father, guide our hearts to Your SON during this season of HOPE and throughout the new year.


with Rev Wendel Cover
A powerful trip
Holy Land
~~~The Best of Israel~~~
As the Prophetic Time Clock winds down, come to where it ALL began, join us where it will ALL crescendo, for 7 Powerful Days.

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EVOTION: continued

  • Power came veiled in helplessness.
  • His arrival was proclaimed by shepherds, whose testimony was refused by society
    (a shepherd was not eligible to testify in open court).
  • The truth of His love was shadowed by the lies of those who rejected Him. 

The entrance of Jesus into the world is the only source of joy at Christmas. It is joy because God, the Creator, entered time and space and became a baby. Not E-motion, Emanuel

Through silence and despair, God broke into the world. Now, Christmas 2016, He still waits, to break into your world. As the angels sang, “Born for you.” Be found by this Jesus, and you will discover real Christmas joy.

I pray God is blessing your Christmas season. Please take a moment to view this powerful 3 minute video we made.
In the gift of the incarnation, Jesus left the timelessness of eternity and divinity to wrap himself with humanity. In my finite human understanding, I cannot even begin to comprehend the cost of His sacrifice.

If you would like a full resolution video for your use, email us.


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