You're Invited!!!
Melvin Scherer with V-Seven Beefmasters and 7C Anderson Cattle Co., would like to invite you to bring your cattle for carcass ultrasound scanning and weight collection on
Thursday, April 18, 2019 starting at 10:00 am.
1495 Moritz Road, Meyersville, Texas
Casey Worrell, a UGC Certified Field Technician, will be scanning and weighing cattle. So bring your cattle!

FREE LUNCH will be provided

Please bring the following information for the cattle being scanned.
  • BBU Membership Number
  • Animal's Date of Birth
  • Animal's BBU Certificate Number 
Please take note that all certified CUP labs require a certificate "C" number or performance "P" number on each Beefmaster animal, when submitting scan data to the lab via your ultrasound technician. If scan data is submitted without a "C" or "P" number, the animal's scan data will be entered as a commercial animal and the breeder will not receive scan data results.

Take home message, make sure to register your animals as certified or performance prior to ultrasound scanning.
Event: Scan and Weight Day

Date: Thursday, April 18

Time: 10 am - Until Finished

Location: 1495 Moritz Road, Meyersville, TX

RSVP to Melvin Scherer at 361-877-2577

Hosted by V-Seven Beefmasters & 7C Anderson Cattle Co.