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MARCH 27, 2020
Temple Office Hours
The office is closed until March 29th, at least.  If you need to speak to the Rabbi, call him at 732-768-7773
Shabbat Tonight
Join us for services on ZOOM on Friday night. This way, we can see your faces as you see ours, despite social distancing. Don’t forget to get your wine/grape juice for kiddush, your challah for motzi and your candles for birkat ha-neirot. You will be on mute for most of the service but there will be times you will be unmuted.

Throughout the service, you will be able to chat on the sidebar. Just open the chat by clicking the icon at the bottom of your Zoom screen.

Below is the information for Zoom. It will take you to my personal room so you can use the same room number every week until this virus episode is over. To get the application (app) click on the link and, if asked to download, download it. If you are asked to enter a room number, just enter:

589 198 4173. That will take you directly to my personal room
Rabbi Stanway

Services are now online
The viral pandemic is forcing us to come up with creative solutions for teaching and worship.  In response, Rabbi Stanway is updating the TBM Facebook page and website.  You are welcome to join all the classes and services with Zoom.  The infora

Rabbi Stanway’s Zoom Room Schedule
Room Number 589-198-4173

Sundays 11 am – Teen Academy Shmooze and Share
“Office Hours” – 4 pm on Weekdays, 1 PM Sundays
Kabbalat Shabbat – 7:30 Fridays
Theology Class – 10 am Wednesdays
Torah Study – 10 am Saturdays
Talmud Study – 8 am Sundays
Storytime - no set times
(Schedule will continue to evolve as necessary)
You Can Still Learn Torah...
During this epidemic, Rabbi Stanway is still teaching Torah.  As well as the classes and services and occasional video announcement, he is also creating a d’var Torah revolving around the issues of this extraordinary times.  You can read his thoughts here and comment on them.  The more questions and comments, the better the learning.  Go to this link and find it on the Temple Facebook  Page: 
April Shmoozeletter to be ELECTRONIC Only

The April Shmoozeletter will be sent only electronically for April.  There will be no hard-copies made, delivered or mailed.
Do you need to get in touch with the office?

The front office staff, Gerri and George, are still staffing the emails and answering voice mails.  If you need to reach out to them, please do so by emailing them at either tbmreception@bethmiriam.org or tbmoffice@bethmiriam.org or leave a message on the temple machine.
Passover Seder Reformatted: To Be Done Online
Because of the Corona Virus, the temple board of trustees has determined that holding the community seder is imprudent.  Therefore, the community seder will not be done at the temple.  Plans are being made to create a seder online.  Details will be available as soon as we can get them together.

In the meantime, practice the 4 Questions.  Here is a link to our own Cantor Camhi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=xbw1Z3DTtw8&app=desktop
Yahrtzeit Plaque News

In a congregation with as much history as Beth Miriam, it is inevitable that we begin to run out of space on the Yahrtzeit boards.  Over the years many families have placed ‘Reserved’ plaques for themselves.  The problem is that no one knows who they are reserved for or even who reserved them.  Therefore, we are asking that, if you have a reserved plaque, you let the temple know at 732-222-3754 (if you know where the plaque is) or come in to show us.  This way, we can make a record so that, when the time comes, we know exactly where the plaque with a family name should be placed.  If we don’t hear from the family, we will have to open that space up so that there is space on the board.  Please get in touch with the temple before June 1st, 2020.  Thank you for your help. 
Apply Online

Did you know that you can now apply for TBM membership online?  Use this button below
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