Volume 8, Issue 12
December, 2015
Happy Holidays from CoachDeck!

Can you believe 2016 is almost upon us? Make it the best ever for your volunteer coaches, players and parents. When coaches have a CoachDeck they run more fun and exciting practices, more players come back to play and there are less parental complaints about coaching. Contact us at customerservice@coachdeck.com for league discount pricing.

In this issue:
As a late holiday gift, we're bringing Tony Earp's hilarious article about some of the things coaches say that he'd really like to respond do. Brian Gotta revisits his youth sports holiday wishes from a few years back and finds not much has changed. And, John O'Sullivan explains what, beyond God-given talent, athletes need to succeed.

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Coach Captain Obvious
By Tony Earp

While sitting and watching a youth soccer match, you will hear a lot of things said from either sideline. Often we focus on things that parents say from their sideline that are not beneficial to the players, but what about what is being said by the players’ coaches? Read Article
My Holiday Youth Sports Wish List
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

The holidays are upon us! This is a time to reflect on the past and look ahead with hope for a new and brighter future. Here are some items on my holiday youth sports wish list, updated from a few years ago: Read Article

Three Things Every Athlete Needs to Succeed
By John O'Sullivan

Elite performance is determined by a number of factors, amongst them innate talent and genetics, hours of deliberate training, coaching, and luck. But performance is also great affected by what is between an athlete’s ears: ​ Read Article​