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Do you struggle with your children's constant pleas for attention, the feeling of being challenged at every turn, tantrums in the grocery store, or behaviors that are hurtful to you or others?


Are you at the point where you’re using punishment and/or rewards, but they aren’t making a difference? Does your home sometimes feel like a battlefield?

Many moms and dads parent in the moment, responding to the immediate situation or behavior, without a master plan. What works best is to follow effective parenting strategies consistently over the long-haul.

Whether your children are toddlers or teens, if you want to help them develop kindness and courtesy, self-discipline, responsibility, and confidence, this course is for you.

In this five-week course, Lorna McGrath, Director of the Montessori Family Alliance and Senior Montessori Consultant, will teach you the essential strategies to meet your children’s emotional needs and minimize misbehavior.


Just as it has for 112 years, you will find that the time-tested magic used by Montessori educators will help you build even stronger bonds within your family, stop disruptive behavior as it begins, strengthen parenting partnerships, and learn alternatives to punishment and reward, and much more.


This course is designed to help parents turn their homes into peaceful havens rather than battlefields. Based on years of working with children of all ages, Lorna provides by cultivating closeness, cooperation, and communication.


Learn how to stop squabbles, resolve conflicts peacefully, encourage each person to do their personal best, reduce power struggles, meet children’s emotional needs, and create strong parenting partnerships.

Along with issues raised by parents participating in this course, we will address the following issues:

  • having time to breathe
  • cooperation
  • raising confident children
  • feeling part of a family community
  • communicating with honesty and respect
  • enjoying your time together as a family
  • learning how to work out solutions without creating excessive family drama
  • creating a home environment that is is filled with peace, understanding, and harmony



    Week I – Parenting for the Long Haul

    Week II – Why Do They Do What They Do?

    Week III – What to Do When You Want to Trade Them In!

    Week IV – If We Can’t Punish or Reward, What?

    Week V – Parenting on the Same Page


Participant Bonuses

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  • Access to a private group with other students
  • Direct email access
  • Weekly live webinars
  • Course completion certification

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FLASH SALE:  $49.95

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Course Texts: Redirecting Children's Behavior and accompanying workbook